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Owen Williams Bridges

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Owen Williams
Dalnamein Bridge on the A9
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Born:   20/3/1890
Died:   23/5/1969
Operated:   Across UK

Owen Williams was an Architect and Engineer who designed a large number of distinctive bridges across the British Isles. He is perhaps most remembered for the bridges on the original M1 and M45, which opened in 1959, but between 1924 and 1931 he was also responsible for a number of Bridges on the A9, A82 and elsewhere in Scotland. Below are a number of his structures. He was also the principal engineer for Gravelly Hill Interchange, or Spaghetti Junction on the M6.

The two bridges on the A82 on Rannoch Moor, Kingshouse Bridge and Tulla Bridge which were once attributed to Owen Williams are now known to not be his work.

Despite the original M1 bridges now being considered to be iconic, architects at the time were very critical, claiming that the public were calling them "ugly, lumpen structures". It seems they had been designed to be quick to build, rather than aesthetically pleasing. Owen Williams was involved in further motorway projects, where designs were more carefully chosen.

Image Name Classified Road(s) Date More Info Map
Allt-gel-br1.jpg Allt Geallaidh Bridge former A9 Single arch version of Alvie Bridge, attribution not confirmed.
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A9 - Owen Williams bridge at Alvie on old A9 - Coppermine - 1277.jpg Alvie Bridge B9152, former A9 Similar to Crubenmore Bridge
SABRE • Google • geo

Brora-br.jpg Brora Bridge A9 Simple single arch
SABRE • Google • geo

Photo-required.png Carrbridge B9153, former A9 replaced by modern structure and demolished
SABRE • Google • geo

Photo-required.png Crubenmore Bridge former A9 Similar to Alvie Bridge

Dalnamein1.jpg Dalnamein Bridge former A9 Replaced, but still standing
SABRE • Google • geo

Dalnaspidal-br2.jpg Dalnaspidal Bridge former A9 Widening of early 19th Century (Telford?) bridge, attribution not confirmed.
SABRE • Google • geo

Photo-required.png Duntocher Bridge A82 c1927
SABRE • Google • geo

Findhorn-br2.jpg Findhorn Bridge former A9
SABRE • Google • geo

Photo-required.png Lochybridge A830 reconstruction of existing bridge, since demolished and replaced
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B9150-spey-br1.jpg Spey Bridge (Newtonmore) B9150, former A9 c1925-6
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List of Crossings

Crossing On Road Opening Date
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Bridges by Category
Allt Geallaidh Bridge A9
Alvie Bridge B9152
Brora Bridge A9
Carrbridge B9153 1717
Crubenmore Bridge A9
Dalnamein Bridge A9
Dalnaspidal Bridge A9
Duntocher Bridge A82
Findhorn Bridge A9
Lochybridge A830
Montrose Bridge A92
Spey Bridge (Newtonmore) B9150

Owen Williams Bridges
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