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Pathetic Motorways
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From:  Wolverhampton
Via:  Manchester
Highway Authority
On road(s)
A449 • M54 (ish)


I do lots with SABRE Maps.

Please let me know if you'd like to get involved in that - we're always looking for help!

I'm also the founder member of the SABRE ex-Presidents' Society. You'll find us in the corner of Awaydays looking at maps and documents and muttering how it was never like this in our day...

Pathetic Motorways

I used to do lots with this too, but I haven't had sufficient time in recent years to give it the love and attention it deserves.

SABRE Maps current projects

SABRE Wiki current projects

  • Getting all of the items in Category:Wolverhampton (and the surrounding areas) looking decent. The quality ratings are useful for that sort of thing, as are the lack of maps.
  • Finding out-of-copyright maps for use in defunct road infoboxes, for which Defunct roads without a map is invaluable
  • Adding Help pages. Places, Roads, Signs, Road Features and Categories to start with.
  • Documenting all the billion inter-connected templates in use on the SABRE Wiki, most of which have massive effects on the job queue, so can't all be done at one. Orphan templates can be found at User:Steven/Orphans
  • Doing a million things with SABRE Maps, such as lots of boring behind-the-scenes stuff including keeping the Coverage Project pages up to date, and getting excited when we get new maps to show off.
  • Whatever is currently in User:Steven/Sandbox, which probably isn't that much.

About me

I like:

  • Road archaelogy
  • Digging through dusty archive documents
  • Custard creams
  • Proper counties
  • Being at Molineux

I don't like:

  • People who are up their own rears
  • Archives whose indexing is rubbish, getting me all over-excited for no readily apparent reason
  • Bourbon creams
  • Daft new-fangled administrative areas where there's no administration
  • People who can't work out the difference between Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Countries I have driven in

AD Andorra
AT Austria
BE Belgium
CH Switzerland
DE Germany
ES Spain
FR France
GB United Kingdom
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LI Liechtenstein
LU Luxembourg
MC Monaco
NL Netherlands
SM San Marino
US United States

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