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SABRE Maps/Ten Mile Road Map coverage project

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This SABRE Maps Coverage Project is to provide coverage of the Ten-Mile Road Map of Great Britain and the Ordnance Survey Route Planning Map series to SABRE Maps.

Not to be confused with the OS Ten Mile Map and its variants, these maps offered two-sheet coverage of the whole of Great Britain, showing as many road numbers as possible. Whilst nowhere near as detailed as other mapping, the Ten Mile (or 1:625,000) scale is an extremely useful overview of changes in the road network of Great Britain.

In addition to the historic mapping, this project will also endeavour to bring online full coverage of the OS Miniscale OpenData product first released in 2010, which is the nearest modern equivalent to the historic series in terms of an overview of the road network of Great Britain.

Which projection type are these maps?

See Also: SABRE Maps/Calibrating

The initial batch of Ten Mile Road Maps from the 1930s to 1945 (plus, strangely, the 1947 edition) are laid out on the National Yard Grid.

With the exception of the aforementioned 1947 edition, all editions from 1946, including the Miniscale releases, use the OSGB National Grid.

Current Status

Year Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Notes
 1932            Revision code for both sheets is 5000/32
 1933            Revision code for Sheet 2 is 2000/33
 1934            Revision code for Sheet 1 is 2600/34, whilst Sheet 2 is 3600/34
 1935            Revision code for Sheet 1 is 800/35
 1936            Revision codes are 1536 for Sheet 1 and 2536 for Sheet 2
 1937            Revision code for Sheet 1 is 15/37. M.37. R.37, whilst Sheet 2 is 25/37. M.37. R.37
 1938            Revision codes are 1838.M38.R38 for Sheet 1 and 4038.M38.R38 for Sheet 2
 1939            Revision codes are 1040.M39.R39 for Sheet 1 and 1540.M39.R39 for Sheet 2
 1943            Revision code for Sheet 1 is 2000/10/43 Ch, whilst Sheet 2 is 1500/10/43 Ch
 1944            Revision code for Sheet 1 is 1544/Ch, whilst Sheet 2 is 2044/Ch
 1946            Revision code is 25046. First to use National Grid.
 1947            Revision code is 1000/12/47. Uses National Yard Grid.
 1948            Revision code is 3817, and can only be easily differentiated from the 1946 map by this code, as all wording on the map says "correct to 1946". Return to using National Grid.
 1955            Proofs only for the then-forthcoming 1956 edition without revision codes, with some changes made between proof and release, such as A259 to Dover.
 1956            Revision codes are A.
 1963            Revision codes are B.
 1964            Revision codes are A.
          Revision codes are A/.
 1965            Revision codes are B.
          Revision codes are B/*.
 1966            Revision codes are C.
 1967            Revision codes are D.
 1968            Revision codes are E.
 1969            Revision codes are F.
 1970            Revision codes are G.
 1971            Revision codes are H.
 1972            Revision codes are J. Not out of copyright until 1 January 2022.


  • From the 1965 edition onwards "Sheet 1" became "North Sheet" and "Sheet 2" became "South Sheet"
  • The exact issuing of sheets from before 1946 is unknown at this time, and "No known source" is used when a map may have been issued. "Not issued" is only used for cases like 1948, when it is believed that no Sheet 1 was produced. As such, this is a guide only.
  • Years are only included in the chart where there is a suggestion that the map may exist. If no evidence is found, then the year has been missed.
  • From 1932, the maps used the National Yard Grid; whilst from 1946 the National Grid was used with the exception of the 1947 reprint.

OS Miniscale

Starting in 2010, Ordnance Survey released OS Miniscale across Great Britain as OpenData, and therefore this modern mapping can be used on SABRE Maps with appropriate attribution.

New revisions are released annually, but unfortunately Ordnance Survey claim that each annual release simply overwrites the previous release across their servers, and they do not keep historical revisions. This means that unless someone downloaded (or ordered on DVD) the mapping at the correct time and archived it, then it is lost forever. They are currently released in January each year.

Please get in touch with Steven or the Site Management Team via the Forums if you have copies of the missing revisions.

Year Availability Notes

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