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Junction of the Mountain Road and... (C) Neil Owen - Geograph - 1926929.jpg
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Bungalow Station
Isle of Man
Highway Authority
Isle of Man
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A14, A18
Junctions related to the A18 (Isle of Man)
Junctions related to the TT Circuit
View from the Footbridge

Bungalow is a road junction below the summit of Snaefell. It is where the A14 meets the A18, Mountain Road, having climbed up through the spectacular Sulby Glen from Sulby. The A18 is perhaps the most famous of the roads on the Isle of Man, being a stunning high level drive through the island's central hills, and forming an iconic part of the TT Circuit. The junction itself is a wide T junction with a big bellmouth on the A14 to allow for turning traffic on what is a high speed road. A very short distance north of the junction, the Snaefell Mountain Railway crosses at an ungated level crossing, with the Bungalow Station being set in the north west corner of the junction. There is also a large parking area here, as it is the start of the short climb to the summit of Snaefell.

The junction is obviously closed to traffic while racing is in progress, but it is a very popular place to view races from. The A18 is made one-way southbound during race meetings which severely reduces the volume of northbound traffic on the A14, except when the course is actually closed, at which point the A14 becomes a very busy access route to the mountain stages. Although there is limited parking during race meetings, a temporary access road past Bungalow Station connects to the Victory Cafe, which sits on the hill above the junction. In addition, the mountain railway has to operate in two halves, with trains stopping either side of the A18. To allow passengers to continue their journey, a footbridge spans the A18 immediately to the south of the junction, and this is also a very popular viewing spot.


Route To Notes


Ramsey 7


Douglas 8



TT Circuit

Ramsey 7 uses A18

TT Circuit

Douglas 8 uses A18

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Snaefell from The Bungalow - Isle of Man (C) Jon Wornham - Geograph - 31598.jpgJunction of the Mountain Road and... (C) Neil Owen - Geograph - 1926929.jpgDSCF8691.jpgA18-a14-bungalow.jpg

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