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TT Circuit

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TT Circuit
Location Map ( geo)
The TT Grandstand Area - Isle of Man - Geograph - 31739.jpg
The Pits.
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From:  Douglas (SC382774)
To:  Douglas (SC382774)
Via:  St Johns, Kirk Michael, Ramsey
Distance:  37 miles (59.5 km)
Old route now:  A2, A1, A3, A18
Primary Destinations
Grid References
Start/Finish Line: SC382774
Highway Authorities

Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
A2 Start/Finish Line, Douglas – Quarterbridge
A1 Quarterbridge - Ballacraine
A3 Ballacraine – Parliament Square, Ramsey
A18 Parliament Square, Ramsey – Governor's Bridge, Douglas
A2 Governor's Bridge, Douglas – Start/Finish Line, Douglas


The Isle of Man TT Course is one of the world's most famous motorbike courses. It is akin to Germany's Nurburgring for cars. Unlike the Nurburgring though this course is normal roads that everyday cars use all the time. It formed the British round of the FIM Grand Prix race (now Moto GP) untill 1976.

Because of its popularity, and due to its route running on standard all purpose roads that close for the race by a local government act, the route of the TT course has regularly appears on maps in the Isle of Man, to inform drivers who may wish to use the route at non-race times.


The TT Circuit was the British Grand Prix for Bikes until 1976.



Isle of Man TT Course

TT Circuit
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The TT Grandstand Area - Isle of Man - Geograph - 31739.jpgKerrowmoar - Geograph - 469744.jpgBallaugh Bridge - Geograph - 1883688.jpgRacing at Signpost - Isle of Man - Geograph - 31450.jpgT.T. Grandstand, Douglas (C) kevin rothwell - Geograph - 227537.jpg
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St Johns

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