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Dundonald Interchange

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Dundonald Interchange
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Irvine, Ayrshire
Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A78, A759
Junctions related to the A759
This article is about the junction in Ayrshire.
For the unbuilt junction on the A92 in Fife, see Dundonald Junction

Dundonald Interchange lies to the north east of Troon and connects the A759 to the dualled A78. It is a half dumbbell interchange, only having south facing slips. This is partly due to the close proximity of a railway line immediately to the north, and also because north facing access is provided by the Meadowhead Roundabout a short distance to the north, via a connecting link road.

The A759 passes under the A78 between the two roundabouts, the eastern one of which is a 3-arm junction with just the A759 and the southbound onslip to the A78. The western roundabout, however, is a four arm junction with the link road leading off to the north. This is, at first at least, the former line of the A78, leading up to Meadowhead Roundabout. When the new road was first opened, maps show this link road as retaining classification as an A road, although no number is ever given. Today, however, it is unclassified.

The old junction between the A759 and A78 was a fork junction (when heading north) which lay ever so slightly to the north east of the modern western roundabout. Indeed, the old line of the A78 can still be traced as the cycle track on the western flank of the roundabout. The old line of the A759 has been completely removed and returned to agriculture, although its line can still be traced on aerial photography, taking a more sweeping curve from the eastern roundabout, rather than the sharp turn under the modern underpass. This suggests that the old road remained open whilst the underpass was constructed, and then after traffic moved onto the new road, the old road was removed to make way for the northern continuation of the embankment.


Route To Notes


Irvine, Greenock


Ayr, Prestwick Airport


Troon, Barrassie (B746)


Dundonald, Kilmarnock

Dundonald Interchange
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