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Meadowhead Roundabout

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Meadowhead Roundabout
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
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Roads Joined
A78, unclassified

Meadowhead Roundabout lies between Irvine and Troon on the A78. It is the only at grade junction on this section of the route, which is otherwise fully grade separated between Saltcoats to the north and Prestwick to the south. Furthermore, it is the only junction where no other classified road meets the A78. All this might suggest that it is a relatively modern addition to cheaply provide access to a new development. However, this is not the case and the roundabout is original to this upgrade. Indeed, the Landranger map from the mid 1980s suggests that it provides the missing north facing slips from the Dundonald Interchange to the south, with the connecting route being an A road. Sadly, this route is not numbered and so it is impossible to know if it was a spur of either the A78 or A759, numbered independently, or simply a mapping error.

Today, then, the roundabout is a 5-arm junction. The dualled A78 passes through roughly north-south, with two exits to the west and one to the east. To the west, the two exits are both to the parallel local access road, one curving to the north and the other to the south. These are, at least in part, the former A78, and the southern arm leads down to the Dundonald Interchange, and appears to have previously been classified as an A road. To the east is a private road, which also curves around to run south, parallel to the A78, and leads to the sawmill.


Route To Notes


Irvine, Greenock


Ayr, Prestwick Airport
Golf Courses
Barassie B746, Troon (A759) Apparently signed as B746, but not part of that route.
Auchengate Sawmill

Meadowhead Roundabout
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