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Eastern Primary (Irvine)

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Eastern Primary (Irvine)
Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Eglinton (NS316418)
To:  Shewalton (NS331364)
Via:  Dreghorn
Meets:  A78, B7080, A736, B769, A71, B730, B7080, A78
Traditional Counties


Junction List
Junc Southbound Northbound
Eglinton Start of Road A78, A737
Draughtburn A736 A736
Armsheugh A736 A736
Lawthorn unclass unclass
Middleton Road B769 B769
Capringstone (B7081) (B7081)
Corsehill Mount A71 A71
Drybridge B730 B730
Oldhall B7080 B7080
Newhouse A78, A737 Start of Road

The Eastern Primary was a planned major road serving the new town of Irvine. It would have a formed a D shaped ring around the eastern edge of the town. None of the road was built. Some smaller roads were built on part of its line. These are Towerlands Road between the B7081 and Corsehill Mount Roundabout where the oversize roundabout is an indication that something bigger was planned here. The other is Moss Drive between Newhouse Interchange and Oldhall Roundabout, again the large roundabout was designed for grade separation that never happened.

Eastern Primary (Irvine)
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