Edendon Bridge

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Edendon Bridge
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From:  Pitlochry
To:  Dalwhinnie
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Transport Scotland
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Bridge Type:  Concrete Bridge
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The crossing of the Edendon Water above Dalnacardoch on the A9 is not really a bridge. Taking a dual carriageway over a small stream doesn't require the expense of a bridge, instead a very large culvert has been constructed, large enough to take a Land Rover Track through alongside the stream! The crossing point is, however, an ancient one originating with General Wade's Military Road from Dunkeld north to Inverness over 250 years ago. Whether he built a bridge or not is not known, as he favoured fords on cost grounds whenever possible. However, when the road was improved in the early 19th Century, a bridge would certainly have been present.

Possibly the site of the old bridge

The location of this older bridge (or its successor) can probably be placed as directly underneath the existing culvert. The old road still runs parallel to the A9 around here, and can be seen to swing into the embankment on either side of the bridge. Maps of the area suggest that the old A9 was relatively straight here, so only a slight dip into the mouth of the gulley cut by the Edendon Water should be expected. However, go through the tunnel and climb up the ramp on the far side and some interesting features appear. Firstly, at the top of the ramp what looks like a road-width of level grassy land cut into the hillside appears on the right. This is slightly cut away at the top of the ramp, but flows neatly into the onward track. Follow the track a little way, and there is the suggestion of robbed-out abutments facing each other on either side of the river. The evidence is scanty, and could well be false, but suggests quite a sharp kink in the old A9 which may have been lost by the scale of the mapping.

Edendon Bridge
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