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Hardwicke Circus

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Hardwicke Circus
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Highway Authority
Junction Type
Signallised Roundabout
Roads Joined
A7, A595
Junctions related to the A595

Not the end of the A6 and A7, but is it the meeting point of the 5-, 6- and 7-zones?

Although it would seem to be the logical place for the A6 and A7 to start/end but according to most maps the A6 and A7 meet a little further to the south opposite Carlisle railway station and when road numbers were first allocated met in Carlisle's Market Place where English Street becomes Scotch Street.

Before traffic lights were installed and the opening of the Carlisle Western Bypass on the A689 this was a notorious bottleneck and at times can still be jammed but not quite as bad.

The current roundabout was built in the 1970s when the first and only parts of the Carlisle Inner Ring road scheme were built ie: Castle Way and Georgian Way before then there had been an earlier junction on the site with the same name in those days the A7 ran along Lowther Street and the A6122 along Rickergate and Scotch Street both Rickergate and Lowther Street were closed off from Hardwicke Circus when it was rebuilt. The A6122 was at one time the A7 and Lowther Street was unclassified. Also the A595 went along Corporation Road and Finkle Street which the Castle Way runs parrarel to this section of the A595 was at from the 1920s to the 1940s numbered as the B5312.

Route To Notes


City Centre, Rail Station, M'Way M6, Newcastle, (A69)


The NORTH, (M6)


Sands Centre, Driving Range


City Centre, The South (A6) fomerly A7

B5312 (Carlisle)

Workington (A595) became A595

Hardwicke Circus
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