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Information Sign/Unsuitable

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Unsuitable for...
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Unsuitable for HGVs
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TSRGD ref  : 820
From  : 1980s?
To  : present
Common Plates  : n/a

Pre-Worboys Sign

A vast variety of pre-Worboys signs were used to cover roads which were in some way or other unsuitable for a certain type of vehicle. In most cases there are Regulatory Signs which have replaced them, and so the pre-Worboys variants are described in the appropriate pages.

Worboys Report Sign

Hardknott Pass - Geograph - 527753.jpg

This sign seems to have originated as 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles', a close relative of the No Motor Vehicles Regulatory Sign, but acting more as a warning than a prohibition. The signs are used on narrow country lanes which are little more than farm tracks, and may come to an abrupt halt after a mile or so without a turning space. In other words, roads which can be driven along, and need to be driven along for access to certain properties or land along the road, but drivers are not advised to use the road.

The sign can also be used on ungated through routes where the middle section is either unsurfaced, poorly surfaced or so heavily used by cattle as to be effectively unsurfaced under several inches of dung!


Over the years a number of variants have been used, either officially or unofficially by highway authorities across the country. Some of the most common are:

  • Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Unsuitable for Caravans
  • Unsuitable for Coaches
  • Unsuitable for Towing Vehicles

The signs can also be expanded to give reasons as to why the road is unsuitable, and as can be seen to the left restructured as 'Suitable for x Only'.

Irish Sign

It is not clear whether the Irish have an equivalent sign.

Information Sign/Unsuitable
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