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List of Information Signs in TSRGD

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The following is a list of information signs in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (TSRGD) and subsequent amendments.

Image TSRGD diagram number Description Permitted variants or requirements Welsh-language text
TSRGD 667.jpg 667 Parking Permitted partially on footway
TSRGD 668.jpg 668 Parking Permitted on footway
TSRGD 801.jpg 801 Parking
TSRGD 804.1.jpg 804.1 HGV Parking place
TSRGD 804.2.jpg 804.2 Car Parking place
TSRGD 804.3.jpg 804.3 Caravan Parking place
TSRGD 804.4.jpg 804.4 Motorcycle Parking place
TSRGD 811.jpg 811 Priority over oncoming vehicles
TSRGD 816.jpg 816 No Through Road
File:TSRGD 910.jpg 910 One Way Traffic in direction indicated (sign for pedestrians)
List of Information Signs in TSRGD
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