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Information Sign/Tourist Information Signs

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Tourist Information Signs
TSRGD Tourist 01
The colour scheme of a Tourist Sign
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TSRGD ref  : Schedule 12, Part 2, Item 5
From  : 1964
To  : Present
Changes  : 1994
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1964 - 1994

1964 Campsite

In 1964, Tourist signs were originally blue, with a white box, where the symbol of the attraction would be. Under the white box would be white text stating the name and/or location (in yards, or an arrow).

1994 - Present

TSRGD Tourist Campsite

In 1994, The then, Department of Transport, discovered that people confused these signs with other direction signs, so a new method was devised; to have these signs brown.

In 2002 they added Services Signs to be brown, as previously they were blue, which was confused with signs on motorways.

Examples of Tourist Symbols

Information Sign/Tourist Information Signs
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