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Blaris Interchange

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Blaris Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
The M1 at Sprucefield (6) - Geograph - 1272919.jpg
Exit from the mainline to the dumbbell roundabout
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Highway Authority
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Opening Date
Roads Joined
M1 • A101

Blaris Interchange is junction 8 of the M1. It was opened in 2003 at a cost of £8m[1].

The northern roundabout

It is located southwest of Lisburn, and is signed is where Dublin traffic from Belfast should leave the M1, which continues westwards. However, the link road is fairly quiet, as most traffic ignores the signs and continues to use the A1 from M1 J7.

The junction also serves a park and ride.

It is planned to build a link northwards, probably numbered as an extension of the A520, providing better access to the west of Lisburn from the trunk roads southwards and westwards.


Route To Notes


The NORTH, Belfast E01, E18, T3


The WEST, Enniskillen, Craigavon E18, T3


The SOUTH, Dublin, Newry, Lisburn, Sprucefield (A1) E01, T4


Lisburn, Sprucefield Park and Ride
Sprucefield Park and Ride



Blaris Interchange
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