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M12 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  M1 J11 (J031587)
To:  Craigavon (J021564)
Distance:  1.9 miles (3.1 km)
Meets:  M1, B2, A3
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Route outline (key)
M12 M1 J11 – Craigavon
Junction List
Junc Northbound Southbound
1 M1 Start of Road
2 Start of Road B2, (A3)


Approaching the Ballynacor Interchange roundabout on the M12

The M12 is a short motorway spur near Craigavon.

It starts on the M1 to the north of Craigavon city centre. This junction is a modified roundabout interchange: the four slip roads meet at a small roundabout on the southern side of the M1, thus making it appear as though there is a roundabout on the mainline of the M12. This layout is due to the fact that the junction was built with only east-facing sliproads - the others were added later. However, according to signage, the west-facing sliproads are indeed sliproads whereas the east-facing sliproads are the mainline of the M12.

From the roundabout, the M12 heads southwest to go over the B2 before bending to the left (remarkably sharply for a motorway) to a junction with that road, in the usual form of a roundabout interchange. The motorway then loses its central reservation and becomes S2. Then - and only then - does the road lost motorway status. The road ahead, the Kernan Loop, has no given number but leads inextricably to the A3 so may well be a spur of that road.



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M12 (Northern Ireland)
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