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Hilden Island

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Hilden Island
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Orford, Warrington
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Hilden Island is an unsignalised roundabout on the A50 in the Orford area of Warrington. Together with Hilden Road, it is named after Warrington's German twin town Hilden.

It connects together Hilden Road (heading up to Fearnhead), Orford Road (A50 south towards the A574 and Padgate), Smith Drive (a local road leading towards Orford Park), Orford Green (A50 northwest and former B5211 towards the A49 and Dallam), and Poplars Avenue (former A50 towards Longford and Hulme, considered to be in the Orford area).

Poplars Avenue effectively has a sub-junction on Orford Green's approaches to the roundabout, after a set of zebra crossings, rather than its own entry and exit points.

The western terminus of the A574 (Birchwood Way) is close by to the south on the A50 Orford Road, meeting the road where the former Warrington Avoiding (railway) Line crossed over. This choice seems strange considering the A574 wouldn't have to bend too tightly to meet Hilden Island, where there is a large gap with no exits on the eeastern side of the roundabout, especially with the roundabout being as large and overpowered as it is, and there being room between any buildings.


Route To Notes


Wigan (A49), Preston (M6), Liverpool (M62)


Macclesfield (A537), Manchester (A57)

Hilden Island
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