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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Knotty Ash (SJ404902)
To:  North Cave (SE874313)
Distance:  107 miles (172.2 km)
Meets:  M6, M60, M66, A627(M), M606, M621, M1, A1(M), M18
Former Number(s):  M52
Old route now:  M60
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

National Highways • Knowsley • Liverpool

Traditional Counties

Lancashire • Yorkshire

Route outline (key)
M62 Liverpool city centre – Knotty Ash
M62 Knotty Ash – Eccles
M62 Eccles – Simister
M62 Simister – North Cave
Junction List
Junc Westbound Eastbound
1 A59, A57 Start of Motorway
2 (A562) (A562)
3 No Exit B5179
4 No Exit A5058
4 A5080 Start of Motorway
5 A5080 A5080
6 M57, A5300 M57, A5300
7 A570, A57 A570, A57
8 A5280, A5281, A5282 A5280, A5281, A5282
Services symbol.gif Burtonwood services (at J8)
9 A49 A49
10 M6 M6
11 A574 A574
12 Start of Motorway M60, M602
12 M63, M602 M63, M602
13 A575, A572 A575, A572
14 A580 No Exit
14A A666(M), (M61) A666(M), (M61)
15 A666 No Exit
16 M601 M601
17 A56 A56
18 M66 M66
18 M66, M60 Start of Motorway
Services symbol.gif Birch services
19 A6046 A6046
20 A627(M) A627(M)
21 A640 A640
22 A672 A672
23 No Exit A640
24 A629 A629
25 A644 A644
Services symbol.gif Hartshead Moor services
26 M606, A58 M606, A58
27 M621, A62, A650 M621, A62, A650
28 A653, A650 A653, A650
29 M1 M1
30 A642 A642
31 A655 A655
32 A639 A639
32A A1(M) A1(M)
33 A162, (A1) A162
Services symbol.gif Ferrybridge services (at J33)
34 A19 A19
35 M18 M18
36 A614 A614
37 (A614) (A614)
38 Start of Motorway B1230, A63
This article is about the Transpennine motorway from Liverpool to near Hull.
For the original use of the number, the Stretford-Eccles bypass (now M60 junctions 7 to 13), see M62 (Stretford - Eccles bypass)
For the 1990s proposal to build an express motorway from junction 12 to junction 18, see M62 Relief Road.

For detailed information about this topic, see Motorway Database

The M62 is the Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway, passing from Liverpool on the west coast via the outskirts of Manchester, Bradford and Leeds to the high-quality A63 to the west of Hull. The section between Liverpool and Salford was originally allocated the number M52; when it was decided to merge the M52 and M62, it was assumed that the M52 number would be chosen to keep it in zone, but the conclusion was that the M62 number was already too well known. The section between Eccles (junction 12) and Simister (junction 18) was renumbered to M60 in 1998.

The number M62 was originally allocated to the Stretford–Eccles Bypass, then mostly renumbered to M63 and now entirely part of M60. There were plans to create an express motorway between Eccles and Simister allowing Trans-Pennine traffic to not have to use what is now the M60.

For part of its route the M62 is multiplexed with the M60. This is one of only three multiplexes between two motorways in Great Britain, the others being M6 Toll / M42 and M9 / M876.


Simister Island

Main Article: Simister Island

Simister Island forms the north eastern corner of the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road. Opened in 1970 as a standard two level roundabout with provision for an underpass onto the Bury Easterly Bypass (now M66) when constructed, it has since become vastly over-capacity. In 1999 as part of the creation of the M60, the interchange was given free-flow sliproads for all left turns, and the circulatory carriageway was widened to four lanes with colour-coded Spiral Roundabout markings to direct traffic through the newly signalised junction.

Chain Bar Interchange

Main Article: Chain Bar Interchange

Chain Bar forms the southern terminus of the M606 near Bradford in Yorkshire. The main junction is a multi-lane signalised roundabout located beneath both the M62 and M606, providing connections to both motorways and the A58 and A638. The M606 itself has direct sliproads to and from Manchester as a means of improving access to the Pennine section of the M62. The westbound flyover is subject to a 50 mph speed restriction which is enforced by speed cameras.

Lofthouse Interchange

Lofthouse Interchange.PNG
Main Article: Lofthouse Interchange

Lofthouse Interchange connects the M1 with the M62. It initially opened in 1970 as a standard three-level roundabout. The likely reason for this was the unrealised proposals for the Flockton Link Motorway which would have cut the corner for M62 east to M1 south movements. This never happened and the roundabout consequently became a horrendous bottleneck, much like Simister Island to the west.


Birch services

Birch Services on the M62 (eastbound) - Geograph - 450395.jpg
Main Article: Birch services

Birch services are located on the M62 between Manchester and Rochdale. It is perhaps most famous for a major fire that destroyed the westbound services building in 2003.

Ferrybridge services

Moto - Geograph - 186978.jpg
Main Article: Ferrybridge services

Ferrybridge services are a single-site MSA located within the complex junction between M62 and the former A1 in Yorkshire. It is the easternmost services on M62.

Burtonwood services

Burtonwood services - Geograph - 791980.jpg
Main Article: Burtonwood services

Burtonwood services are a small MSA in Lancashire near Warrington. In 2008, the westbound side was abandoned, and all traffic is now diverted to the eastbound side via the former staff-only entrance.


Pennine Way Bridge

Pennine Way Overbridge

Between J21 and J22, the Pennine Way footpath crosses the M62 using an impressive arched bridge.

Highest Point

Sign at the M62 highest point

The M62 holds the record for the highest motorway in Great Britain. A sign inside J22 proclaims the height to be 372m (1221 feet).

Scammonden Bridge

Scammonden Bridge, with the dam and reservoir in the foreground

Between J22 and J23, the motorway passes underneath a large single span concrete arch bridge.

See main article: Scammonden Bridge

Scammonden Dam

Scammonden Dam under construction in 1970

Immediately to the east of Scammonden Bridge, the motorway passes on top of the dam holding back Scammonden reservoir. The dam and motorway were constructed at the same time, with the reservoir beginning to fill with water in July 1969 and the motorway opening to traffic in 1970.

Stott Hall Farm

Stott Hall Farm in the middle of the M62

The farm between the motorway. To the West of Scammonden Dam, between J22 and J23, the motorway carriageways split apart, with fields and a farmhouse in the central reservation. The farmhouse is called Stott Hall Farm. A common myth is that a farmer living there at the time refused to move and the farmhouse was built around it. In reality, this section of the motorway was constructed over very weak ground consisting mostly of peat bogs. Near Stott Hall Farm, the weight of two parallel carriageways and traffic on them would have caused settlement of dangerous levels affecting the carriageway (similar to the problems faced between Warrington and Salford). By splitting the carriageways the weight was spread, and as a by-product, the farm survived. Access is via two culverts under the motorway.

Ouse Motorway Bridge

The bridge carrying the M62 across the Ouse

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, the motorway is very flat in comparison to the Pennine stretch; it is possibly this landscape that makes the Ouse Motorway Bridge a recognisable feature in the area, rising to a height of 30m.

See main article: M62 Ouse Bridge


M62 Stretford - Eccles Bypass

For detailed information about this section, see Pathetic Motorways

M62 Unbuilt Liverpool Section

For detailed information about this section, see Histories

M62 Relief Road

For detailed information about this section, see Pathetic Motorways

Opening Dates

For detailed information about this section, see Motorway Database: M62 Timeline


Much of the M62's total length is lit due to the high traffic volumes.

Jcts Lit Type Notes
4-5 Yes Mix of high mast LED and conventional LED High mast lighting through urban section
6-8 No
8-11 Yes Conventional LED
11-12 No Eastbound verge lighting (LED) approaching J12
12-18 (M60) Yes Mix of conventional SON and LED
18-30 Yes Mix of conventional SON and LED, barring 600m of SOX at J21
30-32 No
32-32A Yes Conventional SON
32A-38 No

Not all of the lighting is original to the motorway, indeed much of it opened without lighting but was retrofitted due to concerns over traffic volumes and weather patterns (particularly in the moorland section between J21-28). A major lighting replacement scheme on numerous sections took place during 2011/12. Before that, the lighting stock between J18-20 was replaced in 2003 as part of a wider signing and lighting package.

At the time it was built, the lighting on the trans-Pennine section was justified by "steep hills, low cloud and complex junctions". The length of the lighting was treated as an engineering triumph at the time. Today, lighting a rural motorway is seen as wasteful.

Traffic Levels

Route Junctions Type 2008 AADT 2009 AADT
M62 23-24 D3M 83,147
M62 24-25 D3M 102,008
M62 25-26 D3M 122,755
M62 26-27 D3M 143,295
M62 27-28 D3M 109 177
M62 28-29 D4M 120,540
M62 29-30 D3M 94,154


M62 J26 to J27

Travelling along the M62 from the roundabout under J26 heading up the eastbound sliproad and through the roadworks

Watch video > >

M62 J27 to J28

Travelling along the M62 eastbound through the roadworks

Watch video > >

M60 Simister Island June 2020 Consultation Option 1

We are holding a consultation on our plans to improve Simister Island Interchange at junction 18 of the M60. This is the Northern Loop option, which is the first of the two options we have developed. For this option we’d build a new loop structure to provide a free-flow link from the M60 eastbound to the M60 southbound. We’d also build a wider free-flow link from the M60 northbound to the M60 westbound, and widen the M66 southbound to 4 lanes through the junction.

Watch video > >

M60 Simister Island June 2020 Consultation Option 2

We are holding a consultation on our plans to improve Simister Island Interchange at junction 18 of the M60. This is the Inner Links option, which is the second of the two options we have developed. This would involve building two new bridges over the M66 within the roundabout. We’d also build a new free-flow link from the M60 eastbound to the M66 northbound, and replace the existing single-lane from the M60 northbound to westbound with two lanes. We’d need to widen the M60 eastbound and M66 southbound slip roads if we select this option, as well as widening Hills Lane bridge just north of the project.

Watch video > >


  • Google Earth view: M62 near Ripponden: Stott Hall Farm: the farm between the motorway; another view. The unusual route of the carriageways there is to avoid deep soft moorland peat areas.

National Highways

(a)the eastbound carriageways of the M62 and M602 motorways from junction 11 of the M62 to junction 1 of the M602;
(b)the westbound carriageways of the M602 and M62 motorways from junction 1 of the M602 to junction 10 of the M62;
(c)slip roads at junction 11 of the M62 motorway; and
(d)parts of the linking carriageways at junctions 10 and 12 of the M62 motorway.

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