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Laxford Bridge

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Laxford Bridge
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From:  Rhiconich
To:  Scourie
Laxford Bridge
Highway Authority
Opening Date
Additional Information
List No:  LB446  (Cat B)
Bridge Type:  Arch Bridge
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Crossings related to the A838
Crossings related to the North and West Highlands Route

Laxford Bridge is an important crossing point and junction in North West Scotland. The Bridge was built by the Duke of Sutherland as part of a road building program in the 1830s and is a single span stone arch crossing the River Laxford just beyond the head of Loch Laxford. Despite the West Coast route to either side having been upgraded to S2, the old bridge remains a pinch point on the route, with a short section of single track continuing to the north. Unsurprisingly, perhaps given the location, this is the only public road bridge across the river, however there are two further bridges upstream providing access to property.


The Junction, with the A894 straight ahead

Immediately south of the bridge is the junction between the A838 and A894. The former has to TOTSO, with priority being given to the west coast route, rather than the cross country route to Lairg. The A838 is single track on both approaches, while the A894 is S2. However, the A838 widens once more immediately to the north of the bridge as the main route into the fishing port of Kinlochbervie on the B801.

The junction has been through a series of changes over the years. The junction was originally a fork, with both arms of the A838 pointing south on to the A894, although at the time of classification in 1922, the A894 was unclassified and the northern arm of the A838 was the B870. Later, a connecting road was built between the two arms of the A838, forming a T junction on the Scourie to Lairg route, and so meaning that the A838 still had to TOTSO. The old northern arm of the A838 at the junction was retained but is shown as unclassified. This section has now become an A road once more, and another link has been built to create the current T junction. Both of the former arms of the junction survive as tarmac under the grass to either side of the A838 to Lairg.


Route To Notes


The North Coast, Kinlochbervie (B801), Durness North and West Highlands Route: John o Groats 119


Lairg (A836)


Scourie, Lochinver (A837), Ullapool (A835) North and West Highlands Route: Ullapool 51

Laxford Bridge
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