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Sutherland is a large and sparsely populated traditional county in the far north of Scotland. It spans from the east to the north and west coasts between Caithness, Ross-shire and Cromartyshire. The county town, and historic seat of the diocese of Caithness is Dornoch on the east coast.

Geography & Economy

The A838 above Loch Eriboll
The county, as with other Highland Counties, has a varied landscape from the mountains of the west to the flow country bordering Caithness in the north east. In general, the mountains are not as high, or large as those further south, but in many ways this makes them even more spectacular, with the vast, isolated cones rising from the surrounding landscape. the deeply incised sea lochs are also less common in Sutherland, but the glens and straths are often filled with strings of lochs, alongside which the roads find a way through the landscape from east to west and north to south.

The economy is largely based on tourism and the land, with forestry and fishing being important. Indeed, fishing plays such a big part to the local economy that the A835 - A837 - A894 - A838 - B801 route from Ullapool to Lochinver and Kinlochbervie was substantially upgraded in the not to distant past to cope with the volume of lorries heading to these busy fishing ports.


Kylesku Bridge

The roads of Sutherland are a bit like part of a wheel, the hub being Lairg towards the south east of the county, from where the A837, A838, A836 and A839 radiate out to the west, north and south east. The series of routes which run around the west and north of the county - the A835, A837, A838 and A836 are often thought of as a coastal route, but in truth they are more often far inland than within sight of the often wild Atlantic. Until quite recently much of the roads in the county were single track away from the A9 and nearby routes in the east. However, Highland Council has undergone a lengthy program of works to upgrade a lot to S2. The final sections, either side of Durness, are all that remains as single track, bus with so little traffic in this remote corner of Scotland it is rarely a problem.

The majority of roads in land are A or B roads, but there are also many unclassified roads providing access to the remote coastal settlements. There are a number of important bridges in the county, including Bonar Bridge and the Dornoch Firth Bridge on the southern border and Kylesku Bridge and Kyle of Tongue Causeway to the west and north. The A9 also crosses a bridge at Helmsdale to avoid the steep descent into the village. All non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Highland. The only Trunk road is the A9, which is managed by Transport Scotland.

Route From To Length
A835 Tore Ledmore 66.4 miles View
A836 John o' Groats Tarlogie (Dornoch Bridge) 122 miles View
A837 Invershin Lochinver 44.9 miles View
A838 Dalchork Tongue 83.3 miles View
A839 The Mound Rosehall 22.2 miles View
A88 Inverness Scrabster 157 miles View
A894 Skiag Bridge Laxford Bridge 23.2 miles View
A897 Helmsdale Melvich 37.1 miles View
A9 Polmont, Stirlingshire (M9) Scrabster, Caithness 279 miles View
A949 Bonar Bridge Dornoch 13.3 miles View
B801 Rhiconich Kinlochbervie 4.7 miles View
B860 Ullapool Ledmore 17.3 miles View
B864 Inveran Lairg 5.1 miles View
B867 Evelix Dornoch 1.6 miles View
B868 Poles Dornoch 2.0 miles View
B869 Lochinver Unapool 22.0 miles View
B869 Invercassley Lairg 7.9 miles View
B870 Laxford Bridge Thurso 97.5 miles View
B871 Kinbrace Leckfurin 25.0 miles View
B872 Helmsdale Melvich 37.1 miles View
B873 Altnaharra Syre 11.3 miles View
B9167 Evelix Dornoch 1.9 miles View
B9168 Poles Dornoch 2.0 miles View
C1003 Lochinver Badagyle 12 miles View
C1007 Borgie Bridge Coldbackie 7.3 miles View
C1011 Kyle of Tongue Causeway Dalnafree 5.1 miles View
C1015 Station Road Main Road 0.7 miles View
C1019 Golf Road Navidale Road 0.3 miles View
C1022 Brora Bridge Rogart 18.1 miles View
C1026 Dornoch The Mound 5.8 miles View
C1030 South Brae South Brae 0.7 miles View
C1034 Altnaharra Hope 21.2 miles View
C1038 Rovie Lodge Achnaluachrach 5.1 miles View
C1042 Evelix Rearquhar 3.5 miles View
C1046 Helmsdale Gartymore 2.1 miles View
C1047 Drumrunie Polglass 16.9 miles View
C1049 Evelix Rearquhar 3.5 miles View
C1054 Victoria Road Gordonbush Road 0.8 miles View
C1058 Doll Kilmain 1.9 miles View
C1062 Victoria Road Dachalm 0.9 miles View
C1066 Lairg Tomich 1.6 miles View
C1070 Spinningdale Asdale 5.4 miles View
C1074 Altassbeg Altassmore 2.1 miles View
C1078 Colaboll Achnanerain 3 miles View
C1082 Totag Culkein 2.8 miles View
C1086 Tongue Brae Tongue 0.5 miles View
C1090 Sangomore Durness 0.3 miles View
C1095 Brora Achrimsdale 2.6 miles View
C1098 Clynelish Clynelish Moss 2 miles View
C1101 North Brae Golf Road 0.5 miles View
C1103 Poles Skelbo 1.7 miles View
C1105 Lairg Gruids 1.1 miles View
C1107 Lairg Station Rhianbreck 1.8 miles View
C1109 Achuirgill Altassmore 1.4 miles View
C1111 Scourie More Scourie 0.5 miles View
C1113 Trantlemore Bighouse 3.9 miles View
C1115 Helmsdale Helmsdale Harbour 0.8 miles View
C1117 Strathy Strathy Point 2.1 miles View
C1120 Lairg Rhianbreck 0.8 miles View
C1123 Claisfearn Fanagmore 3.3 miles View
C1125 Totaig Balcladich 1 mile View
C1127 Achnacarnin Raffin 2.2 miles View
C1129 Main Road Back Road 0.2 miles View
C1131 Melvich Portskerra 1.6 miles View
C1133 Kinlochbervie Sheigra 3.2 miles View
C1134 Durness Balnakeil 1.2 miles View
C1142 Rearquhar Astle 1 mile View
C1145 The Square Station Road 0.7 miles View
C1148 West Helmsdale Hemsdale 1.4 miles View
C1151 Castle Street Bridge Street 0.1 miles View
Dornoch Tourist Routes Ardjachie The Mound 30 miles View
Moray Firth Tourist Route Inverness Mound Rock 80 miles View
NC500 Inverness Inverness 518 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
North & West Highlands Route Ullapool John o' Groats 160 miles View
Pictish Trail Inverness Dunrobin Castle, Golspie 145 miles View
T1 London Scrabster View 


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Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
Unbuilt Primary
Unbuilt Non Primary
National Cycle Network
Cycle Route
Eurovelo Cycle Route

RoadsA835 • A836 • A837 • A838 • A839 • A88 (Inverness - Scrabster) • A894 • A897 • A9 • A949 • B801 • B860 (Ullapool - Ledmore) • B864 • B867 (Dornoch) • B868 • B869 • B869 (Lairg) • B870 (Laxford Bridge - Thurso) • B871 • B872 (Sutherland) • B873 • B9167 • B9168 • C1003 (Highland) • C1007 (Highland) • C1011 (Highland) • C1015 (Highland) • C1019 (Highland) • C1022 (Highland) • C1026 (Highland) • C1030 (Highland) • C1034 (Highland) • C1038 (Highland) • C1042 (Highland) • C1046 (Highland) • C1047 (Highland) • C1049 (Highland) • C1054 (Highland) • C1058 (Highland) • C1062 (Highland) • C1066 (Highland) • C1070 (Highland) • C1074 (Highland) • C1078 (Highland) • C1082 (Highland) • C1086 (Highland) • C1090 (Highland) • C1095 (Highland) • C1098 (Highland) • C1101 (Highland) • C1103 (Highland) • C1105 (Highland) • C1107 (Highland) • C1109 (Highland) • C1111 (Highland) • C1113 (Highland) • C1115 (Highland) • C1117 (Highland) • C1120 (Highland) • C1123 (Highland) • C1125 (Highland) • C1127 (Highland) • C1129 (Highland) • C1131 (Highland) • C1133 (Highland) • C1134 (Highland) • C1142 (Highland) • C1145 (Highland) • C1148 (Highland) • C1151 (Highland) • Dornoch Tourist Routes • Moray Firth Tourist Route • NC500 • NCN1 • North and West Highlands Route • Pictish Trail • T1 (Britain)
PlacesDornoch • Durness • Lochinver
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