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Stonegravels Interchange

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Stonegravels Interchange
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Junction Type
Roundabout interchange
Roads Joined
A61, A619
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Stonegravels Interchange was a planned junction on the A61 in Chesterfield. When the inner relief road was planned during the late 1960s/early 70s it was designed to connect to a bypass of Staveley and Brimington. The two roads would meet at a junction in the Stonegravels area. The A619, now B6543, would have come from the east where it takes a 90 degree bend over the railway.

Neither the inner relief road or A619 schemes were built at the time. The inner relief road was completed in the 1980s and the A619 bypassed Tapton to the north in 1989 and joins the A61 at a roundabout further north than the original scheme.

Planned junction layout


Route To Notes




Chesterfield, Derby (A38)


(M1 North), Worksop, Brimington, Staveley
Town centre

Stonegravels Interchange
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