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Sheepscar Interchange

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Sheepscar Interchange
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Sheepscar, Leeds
Highway Authority
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A61, A58
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The Sheepscar Interchange forms a formidable tangle of wide urban dual carriageways just north of Leeds city centre. It is straight out of the Motorway City ideals Leeds was famous for during the 1960s and 70s, when vast areas of the city were cleared to provide new major roads. This particular junction saw the removal of numerous terraced streets to enable the then choked A61 and A58 junction to function much better by providing stacking space and channelised merges and diverges.

All approaches are at least three lanes wide, and the entire complex is festooned with gantry signs. Unfortunately the A58 simply reduces back to a single carriageway on the north side of the junction leaving a bottleneck between here and the start of the Easterly Road dual carriageway towards the A6120 ring road.


1972 plan for the junction

There was originally a signalised gyratory layout based on former streets. In the early 1970s there were plans to turn the whole complex into a large freeflow system of sliproads with a one way gyratory around the edge. None of this was built and instead the present layout was built in 1983.


Route To Notes


Chapeltown, Harehills, Wetherby, The NORTH (A1)


Halifax, M'Ways (M621,M62), Infirmary, University


Wakefield, Motorway (M1), Sleepscar, Meanwood


Harrogate, Moortown
Sheepscar, Meanwood

Sheepscar Interchange
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