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From:  Dagenham (TQ484833)
To:  Grays (TQ609798)
Distance:  9.3 miles (15 km)
Meets:  A13, A1240, B178, A1311, A125, B1335, A13, A1090, A282, B186, A1012
Former Number(s):  A13
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Barking and Dagenham • Havering • Thurrock

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1306 Dagenham - Grays


The A1306 follows the old route of the A13 in south Essex and received its current designation when the present A13 opened in 1999.

Dagenham - Grays

The road starts at a roundabout GSJ on the A13 to the west of Dagenham. The road heads east along the D2 Ripple Road, with houses to the north and an out-of-town retail complex to the south. The A1240 Heathway is met at traffic lights and we continue on, now lined with houses (at least to the north) and with the left-hand lane in both directions marked out as a bus lane. There is a brief open (but certainly not rural) section as we cross the Beam River into Havering Council's domain, after which the A1311 Marsh Way turns off to the right at a large traffic signal junction back to the A13.


This stretch alternates between housing and light industry (although the bus lanes only disappear at the road junctions) as we skirt South Hornchurch. The road then narrows (with a wide verge to the left suggesting the D2 once lasted longer) and we pass between a playing field and an industrial estate to reach Dovers Corner roundabout on the A125. We now leave the original route of the A13 behind as we move onto the Rainham bypass (although all the current A1306 was numbered A13 at one time).

We skirt the northern edge of town before bearing to the right and plunging straight through the urban area - we're even lined with houses for much of this stretch. Open country is soon reached again, however, and we head southeast then south across the fields. Northbound and southbound carriageways then split for no apparent reason, rejoining at a dumbbell GSJ on the A13.

On the far side we pass industrial premises before skirting the northern edge of Purfleet. We run adjacent to the High Speed 1 Channel Tunnel Rail Link to a roundabout where the A1090 continues ahead and we bear left to pass through a wood to reach a large roundabout, Purfleet Interchange, which is J31 of the M25 and A282. On the far side, a short stretch of D2 provides access to the B186 and the Lakeside Shopping Centre. We then follow a wide, straight S2 skirting the centre, which is also accessed via the next roundabout.

We cross a bridge over the A126, with no junction, and the Upminster to Grays railway line. The B186 is met again at the next roundabout; this provides access to the A126 and the housing to the south. We pass to the north of the suburb of Chafford Hundred with no buildings (except for a Harvester) actually on the road, although a number of houses are seen behind the trees to the right. Presently a roundabout is reached, where the A1306 ends on the A1012. The old A13 ahead is now unclassified but the current line of that road is just to the left.


The A1306 was formerly part of the new build A13 sections from the 1920s - Rainham and Purfleet Bypass and the Purfleet to Tilbury new road. The road east of the A282 was renumbered first, in 1983 when the new A13 opened. The western section was renumbered in 1998-99 with the western extension of the then new-build replacement A13. The last section to be renumbered was Marsh Way to Gorebrook in Dagenham, at the end of 1999.

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