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Bartholomews Mapping

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Bartholomews maps were first published in c1826, although it was not until 1875 that a comprehensive range of maps covering Scotland was launched. This was extended in 1897 to also cover England & Wales. The maps were very popular in the first half of the twentieth century, the 'Half Inch' series giving the OS a good run for their money. However, by the 1980s sales were in rapid decline as the OS Landranger series was launched. This was despite Bartholomews converting their maps to 1:100,000, albeit as a photo-enlargement of the Half Inch mapping. By the 1990s only the most popular sheets were still being revised and in print. Then, in 1995, Bartholomews merged with Harper Collins, and the 1:100,000 range was quietly dropped by 1999.

List of Maps

A list of the changes to Bartholomew's mapping from 1875 to 1999.

See the Bartholomews Map Lists for individual sheet information.

Year From Year To Map Name Scale Notes
1875 1886 Reduced Ordnance Maps of Scotland 1:126,720 Scotland, 30 'District Sheets'
1890 1895 Reduced Ordnance Survey Maps of Scotland for Tourists and Cyclists 1:126,720 Scotland, 29 Sheets
1896 1926 New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists 1:126,720 Scotland, 29 Sheets
1897 1903 Reduced Ordnance Survey for Tourists & Cyclists 1:126,720 England & Wales, 37 Sheets
1904 1920 New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists 1:126,720 England & Wales, now shows First & Second class roads
1922 1927 Revised Half-Inch to Mile for Motorists & Cyclists. 1:126,720 Scotland
1924 1926 Revised Half-Inch to Mile for Motorists & Cyclists 1:126.720 England & Wales
1926 1936 Revised half-Inch Contoured Maps 1:126,720 England & Wales
1927 1937 Revised “Half-Inch” contoured maps 1:126,720 Scotland
1936 1943 Revised “Half-Inch” Contoured Maps 1:126,720 Intermediate range of 62 sheets, with Scotland and England & Wales series slowly being merged.
1940 1974 Revised “Half-Inch” Contoured Maps 1:126,720 Final range of 62 sheets covering England, Wales & Scotland. Great Britain added to title from 1961.
1974 1999 National Map Series 1:100,000 1:100,000 Photo Enlargement of 'Half Inch' series to compete with OS Landranger.
c1933 Quarter Inch Automobile Map of Great Britain 1:253440 AA Map series covering GB in 23 sheets. Excludes Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles.
c1938 Duplex Map 8miles to the Inch 1:506,880 Two double sided sheets: Scotland & Northern England; England & Wales

Bartholomews Mapping
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