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---Note: very much a work in progess---

A history of road mapping

From strip maps of coaching routes to Sat Nav and Internet mapping, this is a history of how road maps have developed.

Ogilby's strip maps

The first road maps to have been created in Britain are generally accepted to be those drawn by John Ogilby in the 1670s. They are certainly the first road maps to cover large areas of England and Wales.

The work of collating the data was started in 1669, and published in 1675 as Britannia, Volume the first. This was before the network of turnpike roads had really been started, and so depicts the post routes, and other important roads as they were in the second half of the seventeenth century.

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Brands of mapping

A look at the different brands of mapping available, their distinctive features and cartographical style.

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Digital mapping

The internet has opened up the availability of mapping, with endless scrolling maps, old scanned maps and data overlays, the following comprise of several sites that give digital access to various different maps

Atlas dating project

To help date road maps and atlases, we are working on a list of changes to the road network that would help date them.

This is split by decade: 1920s | 1930s | 1940s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000s | 2010s

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