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Mollinsburn Interchange

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Mollinsburn Interchange
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Fork + half diamond + folded diamond
Roads Joined
M73, M80, A80
This article is about the current junction 4 of the M80.
For the former (until 2011) junction 4 of the M80, see Haggs Junction

Looking east along the M73 from the A80 overbridge at Mollinsburn Interchange

Mollinsburn Interchange is junction 3 (and arguably junction 4) of the M73 and junction 4 of the M80. It is a complex junction which permits all movements between the two motorways, via at grade junctions on the A80 which now terminates in two different places here. The M80 to the west of the junction was constructed in 2010/11 to fill in the missing section that forced traffic through a series of at grade junctions as it passed to the south of Moodiesburn, Chryston and Muirhead. The two west facing slips on the M80, providing access to and from Glasgow meet one end of the A80 at a half diamond interchange, from where an unclassified road continues north into the Westfield are of Cumbernauld. The east facing slips on the M80 provide a simple fork between the two motorways, and these two pairs of sliproads constitute junction 4 for the M80. The fork junction could also be nominally considered to be junction 4 of the M73, although it is not signed as such.

The M73 also has two pairs of sliproads, which constitute junction 3 on that motorway. These form a modified dumbbell type interchange, with the westbound slips meeting at a roundabout at the other end of the A80, from where an unclassiifed road continued into Mollinsburn itself. These two spurs of the A80 meet at a signalised crossroads in the angle between the two motorways, where the fourth arm is an unclassified route leading into Moodiesburn. A short distance to the south west along the A80 lies another roundabout, meeting the eastbound A73 sliproads, beyond which the A80 is a dual carriageway

Before the M80 was extended through this junction, it was a simple fork between the A80 and M73. This was sited a little to the north east of the current end of the A80 dual carriageway section. The M73 carriageways split on the approach, with the northbound side crossing over the top of the A80 before dropping down to a merge. The M73 has therefore taken over a former section of the A80 dual carriageway, with the southbound carriageway more or less on the original line at the north eastern end, while the eastbound onslip onto the M73 loosely follows the original line in the gap between the current end of the A80 dual carriageway and the M73.


Route To Notes


The SOUTH, Glasgow (Southeast), Carlisle (M74)


Glasgow (M8)


Stirling, Kincardine Bridge, Cumbernauld




Stirling, Cumbernauld

Mollinsburn Interchange
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