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Pirnhall Interchange

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Pirnhall Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Newline Road Bridge and Direction Signs, M9-M80 Junction - Geograph - 4031863.jpg
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange with 2 forks
Roads Joined
M9, M80, A91, A872
Junctions related to the A91
Junctions related to the A872

Also known as Bannockburn Interchange, Pirnhall Interchange is the north end of the M80 and is junction 9 on both the M9 and M80. As well as being the junction between two motorways, it also connects with the A91 and A872 as well as Stirling services. Despite all of this it is full access, albeit many movements via a large roundabout. Its mainline runs from the M9 North to the M80; meaning that it is a TOTSO junction for the M9.

The mainline from the M80 to the M9 runs to the west of the roundabout, with the southbound M9 passing under the roundabout, with a full set of slip roads. The M80 also has south facing slips onto the roundabout which ensure it is a full access junction. The roundabout itself is surprisingly large and sits across the M9 at a skew, which provides the room needed for all of the exits. Working clockwise from the south, there is the A872 heading south to Denny, the M80 south facing slips, the services entrance and exit, with the services themselves sitting in part of the space between the two motorways. Continuing north, the west facing slips for the M9, then the A872 north into Stirling, the A91 heading around the east side of the city, and finally the east facing M9 slips.

Despite all of the roads coming and going on the roundabout, it is only the turn from the M80 into the services that is in anyway tight, and that is only if it comes as a surprise.


Route To Notes


Perth, Crianlarich


Edinburgh, Kincardine Bridge


Glasgow & Carlisle


Stirling (A905), Alloa (A907), St Andrews, Park and Ride




Stirling services

Stirling services


Stirling now A872


Stirling, Falkirk (A9) now A91

Pirnhall Interchange
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