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Sheffield Council (Class III roads)

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Sheffield Council uses the C classification for its Class III Roads. The council maintains a total of 210.3km/130.6 miles of Class III roads.

The numbering system is shared with the rest of the West and South Yorkshire councils.

Sheffield's Class III network. Hover over the road to show the number - "A" and "B" suffixes on the labels denote two sections of the same road, seperated by a multiplex.

Route From To Length


C46 Cross Hill (A6135 Church Street, Ecclesfield (B6087) 1.1 km View
C47 Burcross Road, Chapeltown (B6546 Westwood New Road (A61) 2.9 km View
C63 Border with Derbyshire on Strines Moor Manchester Road, Midhopestones (A616) 14.7 km View
C64 Mortimer Road (C63) Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield (B6087) 12.9 km View
C107 Wharncliffe Side (A6102) Moor Lane, Wigtwizzle (C324) 6.9 km View
C108 Loxley (B6077) Dykes Hall Road, Wadsley (C331) 2.0 km View
C314 Baslow Road, Totley (A621) Border with Derbyshire Council 0.9 km View
C324 Deepcar (B6088) Mortimer Road (C63) 5.7 km View
C331 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough (C757) Worrall (C64) 3.2 km View
C401 Fox Lane, Birley (C405) West Street, Beighton (C403) 5.0 km View
C402 Birley Moor Road (A6135) Sheffield Road, Hackenthorpe (C401) 0.8 km View
C403 Woodhouse Lane, Beighton (C412) Eckington Road, Sothall (C793) 1.6 km View
C405 White Lane, Gleadless (B6388) Normanton Spring (B6064) 2.1 km View
C408 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats (A61) Gleadless Road, Heeley (B6388) 2.1 km View
C409 Norton Lees Lane, Woodseats (C408) Norton Lane, Norton (C799) 2.4 km View
C410 Shoreham Street (C712) Ridgeway Road, Manor Top (A6102) 3.6 km View
C411 East Bank Road (C712) Gleadless Road, Heeley (B6388) 0.3 km View
C412 Woodhouse (B6064) Orchard Lane, Beighton (C403) 3.6 km View
C413 Woodhouse Lane, Beighton (C412) Border with Rotherham 0.4 km View
C414 Bradway Road, Bradway (B6054) Abbeydale Road South, Dore (A621) 1.3 km View
C415 Hathersage Road, Dore (A625) Abbeydale Road South, Dore (A621) 3.0 km View
C416 Eccleshall Road South (A625) Abbeydale Road, Millhouses (A621) 1.6 km View
C417 Eccleshall Road South (A625) Border with Derbyshire 5.3 km View
C418 Eccleshall Road South (A625) Ringinglow Road (C417) 0.7 km View
C419 Eccleshall Road, Banner Cross (A625) London Road, Little Sheffield (B6388) 2.6 km View
C420 Hunter's Bar (A625) London Road, Heeley (A61) 2.7 km View
C423 Sandygate Road, Sandygate (C729) Eccleshall Road, Sharrow Vale (A625) 2.7 km View
C425 Brookhouse Hill, Fulwood (C730) Manchester Road, Broomhill (A57) 3.2 km View
C426 Mowbray Street, Kelham Island (B6074) Rutland Road, Pitsmoor (B6075) 1.1 km View
C427 Southey Green Road (C428) Rutland Road, Pitsmoor (B6075) 2.6 km View
C428 Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge (A61) Barrow Road, Wincobank (B6082) 5.9 km View
C429 Bochum Parkway (A6102) Jordanthorpe Parkway, Batemoor (B6057) 0.9 km View
C430 Herries Road, Norwood (A6102) Barnsley Road, Firth Park (A6135) 1.2 km View
C431 University Square (A61/A57) Langsett Road, Hillsborough (C757) 3.0 km View
C432 Norton Avenue, Herdings (A6102) Gleadless Road, Newfield Green (B6388) 1.6 km View
C433 Richmond Road, Handsworth (B6065) Handsworth Road, Handsworth (B6200) 1.0 km View
C610 Stocksbridge Bypass (A616) Border with Barnsley 0.15 km View
C667 Station Road, Chapeltown (A6135) Tankersley Interchange (A616/M1) 1.6 km View
C700 Snig Hill (C716) Whitehouse Lane (C701) 2.1 km View
C701 Infirmary Road (C757) Walkley Road (C431) 0.9 km View
C702 Fulwood Road (A57) South Road, Walkley (C431) 2.4 km View
C703 Fulwood Road, Broomhill (A57) Clarkhouse Road (B6069) 0.5 km View
C704 Greenhill Avenue (C705) Greenhill Parkway (B6054) 1.0 km View
C705 Abbey Lane, Beauchief (B6068) Greenhill Main Road, Meadowhead (B6054) 1.5 km View
C706 Upper Hanover Street (A61) Castle Square, Arundel Gate (C710) 1.30 km View
C707 Campo Lane (C750) Furnival Gate (C725) 0.60 km View
C708 Broad Lane (B6539) Charter Row (C725) 0.65 km View
C709 Sheaf Street (A61) Pond Street (C725) 0.15 km View
C710 Park Square (A61) Bramall Lane (A61/A621) 1.6 km View
C711 Bridgehouses (A61) Love Square, Bridge Street (C753) 0.35 km View
C712 Queen's Road (A61) St. Mary's Road (A61) 0.9 km View
C714 Queen's Road (A61) East Road, Heeley Bank (C410) 1.0 km View
C715 City Road (A6175) East Bank Road (C714) 2.3 km View
C716 West Bar (C753) Castle Square (C710) 0.3 km View
C717 Barnsley Road, Osgathorpe (A6135) Herries Road, Osgathorpe (A6102) 0.7 km View
C718 Effingham Road (B6073) Foley Street (B6071) 0.1 km View
C719 Park Square (A61) Richmond Road, Richmond (B6065) 4.8 km View
C720 Nodder Road, Woodthorpe (C719) Prince of Wales Road (A6102) 1.1 km View
C721 Woodhouse (B6064) Richmond (B6065) 2.2 km View
C722 Cricket Inn Road (C719) Staniforth Road, Attercliffe (B6200) 1.0 km View
C723 Eccleshall Road, Broomhall (A625) Machon Bank Road, Nether Edge (C420) 1.7 km View
C724 Montgomery Road, Nether Edge (C723) Machon Bank Road, Nether Edge (C420) 0.3 km View
C725 Derek Dooley Way (A61) Moore Street (A61/A625) 2.4 km View
C726 Glossop Road, Broomhill (B6547) Clarkhouse Road (B6069) 0.6 km View
C727 Penistone Road (A61) Crookes Road (C702) 2.0 km View
C728 Loxley Road, Malin Bridge (B6077) Ben Lane, Wisewood (C108) 0.9 km View
C729 Manchester Road, Crosspool (A57) Crimicar Lane, Lodge Moor (C730) 2.7 km View
C730 Brookhouse Hill, Fulwood (C425) Crimicar Lane, Lodge Moor (C729) 1.5 km View
C731 Fulwood Road, Nethergreen (C425) Oakbrook Road, Hangingwater (C423) 0.3 km View
C732 Halifax Road, Parson Cross (A61) Ecclesfield Road, Shiregreen (B6082) 3.9 km View
C733 Dungworth (B6076) Low Bradfield (C64) 2.3 km View
C734 Abbeydale Road, Carterknowle (A621) Ecclesall Road, Ecclesall (A625) 1.9 km View
C735 Abbeydale Road, Millhouses (A621) Abbey Lane, Beauchief (B6068) 2.4 km View
C736 Chesterfield Road South (A61) Greenhill Parkway (B6054) 1.8 km View
C737 Hathersage Road (A625) Dore Road, Dore (B6054) 1.0 km View
C738 Penistone Road, Burncross (A61) Mortomley Lane, High Green (C47) 1.9 km View
C739 Herries Road (A6102) High Street, Ecclesfield (C46) 3.5 km View
C740 Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge (A61) Salt Box Lane, Grenoside (C64) 2.1 km View
C741 Moonshine Lane, Southey (C427) Wordsworth Avenue, Southey (C739) 0.8 km View
C742 Occupation Lane, Birley (C402) Moss Way, Hackenthorpe (C795) 2.1 km View
C743 Sharrow Head (C419) London Road, Highfield (B6388) 0.9 km View
C744 Barnsley Road, Page Hall (A6135) Firth Park Road, Firth Park (B6086) 0.65 km View
C745 Meadowhall Road, Brightside (A6109) Newman Road, Wincobank (C428) 1.2 km View
C746 Owler Lane, Page Hall (A6102) Firth Park Road, Page Hall (B6086) 0.3 km View
C747 Attercliffe Common (A6178) Brightside Lane (A6109) 0.8 km View
C748 Firth Park Road, Firth Park (B6086) Ecclesfield Road, Shiregreen (B6082) 2.8 km View
C749 Meadowhall Road, Meadowhall (A6109) Tyler Street, Wincobank (B6082) 0.35 km View
C750 Broad Lane (B6539) Bank Street (C700) 0.55 km View
C751 Broad Lane (B6539) West Street (C706) 0.25 km View
C752 Broad Lane (B6539) Glossop Road (C706) 0.25 km View
C753 Shalesmoor (A61) Lady's Bridge (C725) 0.65 km View
C754 Tinsley Interchange (M1/A6109) Deep Lane, Shiregreen (C755) 2.4 km View
C755 Ecclesfield Road, Shiregreen (B6082) Border with Rotherham 0.3 km View
C756 Ecclesfield Road, Wincobank (B6082) Blackburn Road (C754) 0.15 km View
C757 Penistone Road (A61) Catch Bar Lane (A6102) 3.3 km View
C758 Border with Barnsley at Stocksbridge Bypass Manchester Road (B6088) 0.2 km View
C759 Staniforth Road, Darnall (B6200) Catley Road, Darnall (B6085) 0.2 km View
C760 Rotherham Gateway (A630) Shepcote Lane (A631) 3.1 km View
C761 Wicker (C725) Furnival Road 0.20 km View
C762 Hartley Brook Road, Shiregreen (C732) Sicey Avenue, Shiregreen (C748) 0.3 km View
C763 Loxley Road, Malin Bridge (B6077) Ben Lane, Wisewood (C728) 0.2 km View
C791 Sheffield Road, Halfway (A6135) Rotherham Road, Halfway (B6053) 0.6 km View
C793 High Street, Beighton (C412) Moss Way, Westfield (C795) 2.1 km View
C794 Donetsk Way (C401) Moss Way, Hackenthorpe (C795) 1.1 km View
C795 Mosborough Parkway (A57) Station Road, Mosborough (B6058) 2.9 km View
C796 Eckington Road, Sothall (C793) Station Road (B6058) 1.2 km View
C798 Hemsworth Road, Norton (C799) Gleadless Road, Newfield Green (B6388) 2.4 km View
C799 Bochum Parkway (A6102) Norton Avenue (A6102) 1.8 km View 

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