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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Barlborough (SK469768)
To:  Hoyland Common (SE349003)
Distance:  21 miles (33.8 km)
Meets:  M1, A616, B6419, B6053, B6052, B6058, B6054, B6063, B6064, A6102, B6070, B6067, A61, A6109, B6080, B6075, B6086, B6082, B6087, A629, B6546, B6090, A61, A6195
Former Number(s):  A61, A616
Highway Authorities

Barnsley  • Derbyshire  • Sheffield

Traditional Counties

Derbyshire • Yorkshire

Route outline (key)
A6135 Barlborough – Sheffield
(A61) Sheffield Ring Road
A6135 Sheffield – Hoyland Common
This article is about the present route via Sheffield city centre.
For the earlier route to the north of the city, see A6135 (High Green - Hoyland Common)
The A6135, City Road, Sheffield

The A6135 follows two of the less important radials from Sheffield city centre, although both were more important before the M1 was built.


Section 1: Barlborough – Sheffield

Sheffield Road, Barlborough

Starting at the A619 Chesterfield Road in Barlborough, there is a section of dual carriageway opened in 1967 to link the existing road network to the new M1 Motorway at J30. This new section of road replaced the old A616 Clowne Road/Church Street/West End/Sheffield Road through Barlborough Village. The A6135 starts at the motorway roundabout and takes on this section of road to the west.

The road soon reverts to a standard single carriageway as it drops down the hill into Renishaw. After Renishaw the road bridges over the railway through a series of tight bends and passes the Renishaw Golf Course on its way to Eckington, which it bypassing along Littlemoor to reach the signal-controlled junction with the B6053 and B6052. The A6135 continues north up a steep hill into Mosborough passing by both Eckington Hall (previously a pub, now apartments) and Mosborough Hall, a local hotel and wedding venue.

There were plans in the 1970s to bypass the High Street in Mosborough, with a new road the east of the village; this eastern road would link with Moss Way and is still in the Unitary Development Plan for Sheffield whilst other nearby road plans were mothballed in the 1970s. Leaving the High Street behind, the A6135 Mosborough Moor climbs out of the village and over the top of the moor towards the B6054 Quarry Hill and onto the Four Lane Ends junction where the road crosses the Supertram Network.

Continuing as a single-carriageway road, the A6135 passes through the ages: firstly past a number of 1960s Vic Hallam homes (flat-roofed prefabricated houses), that are slowly being replaced with new brick homes, then into the 1950s MacMillan houses (cheap post-war homes with a single doorway), then into the 1930s bay-windowed suburbia that is Frecheville, before dropping down another valley before the climb up to Manor Top.

Mansfield Road meets the B6063 Hollinsend Road then continues as a wide single-carriageway with enough room for parked cars both sides, fronted with narrow footways and 1900s terraces. It meets the B6065 Woodhouse Road before widening into a dual carriageway to reach the large signal-controlled gyratory that is Manor Top, where the busy A6102 Outer Ring Road crosses. At this junction the Supertram leaves Ridgeway Road and joins the A6135 along City Road, a narrower road, with a mix of 20th-century homes. City Road drops down the final hill into Sheffield, passing the City Road Cemetery which was opened in July 1881.

The last part of the descent into Sheffield used to run along Duke Street, before being shadowed by the then-revolutionary deck access housing known as Park Hill Flats, which was constructed between 1957 and 1961, inspired by Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation. The A6135 was however re-routed in 2008 to run along Granville Road, meeting the A61 at Granville Square. At this point, the A6135 has a short gap, where it multiplexes along the A61 Inner Ring Road. Original Author(s): Haydn1971

Section 2: Sheffield – Hoyland Common

Railway bridge over Sheffield Road, Hoyland

The road reappears at traffic lights on the A61 Derek Dooley Way to the north of the city centre. However, through traffic on the A6135 which would have headed anticlockwise around the ring road cannot turn right here but needs to continue further anticlockwise and access the A6135 via the A6109 (the southbound to clockwise movement is possible). We go under the old Sheffield to Manchester railway line immediately west of the former Sheffield Victoria station then cross the A6109 at traffic lights to climb Spital Hill. The road soon bends sharply left then right as it climbs up to Fir Vale. The A6102 is crossed once more at traffic lights and we pass the Northern General Hospital.

As we continue north the road becomes less urban. We cross a small wooded valley and continue on with open fields behind the houses to the right. After the B6082 comes in from the right we run along The Common, through Ecclesfield, after which the road becomes briefly rural before we enter the next settlement, Chapeltown. We bend to the right to go under the Sheffield to Barnsley railway line then meet the A629 at the following roundabout. That road used to cross us here but the road to the left has now been downgraded to the B6546.

We skirt the eastern side of town and climb to pass through a wood. On the far side we cross the M1 just to the south of J35A. The road remains rural as we pass the village of Harley and go back under the same railway line. We then skirt the western edge of Hoyland and climb to reach Hoyland Common. There's then a final descent across a couple of fields to a roundabout where we end, just to the north of M1 J36. Left and ahead are the A61 whilst the A6195 is to the right.


The southern section of the road, south of Sheffield, was formerly the route of the A616 Newark to Huddersfield road. The route was reclassified in the late 1980s to downgrade the importance of the Sheffield section that had become less strategically important with the construction of the M1; the A616 north of Sheffield was re-routed from the current A6102 to the current route, locally known as the Stocksbridge Bypass.

The remainder of the A6135, north of Sheffield, is the road's original section. This was the 1922 route of the A61 but gained its present number in 1935 when that road was moved to its current route further west. The route has changed slightly in the intervening years, as well as being cut back to Sheffield's ring road. The road used to go along Firth Park Road and Stubbin Lane, which are now the B6086.


Sheffield City Council traffic cameras

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