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Stanecastle Roundabout

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Stanecastle Roundabout
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Highway Authority
North Ayrshire
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A736, B769, B7080
Approaching from the south

Stanecastle Roundabout is a large roundabout junction on the A736 in the new town of Irvine. It was originally planned as a grade separated roundabout interchange with Long Drive passing over it on a flyover. Today it is a 7-arm junction with the A736, B769, B7080 and 3 minor roads serving the surrounding housing estates. Six of the arms are single carriageway routes, which widen to two lanes (not always marked as such) on the approaches to accommodate turning traffic. The 7th arm is the southern part of Long Drive, which is the B7080 and a dual carriageway. This is flared to accommodate the never built overpass, which would have connected to the northern part of Long Drive, the A736 which multiplexes with the B7080 as far as the next roundabout, Hill Roundabout a short distance to the north. The A736 probably follows the southbound offslip from the proposed route, although there are properties a short distance along which would probably block the northbound carriageway.


Route To Notes


Town Centre, Harbourside


Greenock (A78), Glasgow, Kilwinning


Stewarton, Perceton


Kilmarnock (A71), Ayr (A78)
Stanecastle, Knadgerhill Cemetery
Girdle Toll
North Newmoor Industrial Estate

Stanecastle Roundabout
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