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Torrance Roundabout (Strathkelvin)

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Torrance Roundabout
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Strathkelvin, Cadder
Highway Authority
East Dunbartonshire
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A803, A807
Junctions related to the A803
Junctions related to the A807
This article is about Torrance Roundabout, where the A807 terminates on the A803 at Strathkelvin.
For Torrance Roundabout on the A726 in East Kilbride, see Torrance Roundabout (East Kilbride)
For the roundabout at Torrance on the A807, see Kelvinbridge Roundabout.

Torrance Roundabout is perversely not the roundabout in Torrance village, but instead the junction that leads to Torrance about a mile to the south east. It is an old crossroads lying alongside the Roman Antonine Wall, which was converted to a small roundabout many years ago. The main route through the junction is the A803, which passes from south west to east and connects Kirkintilloch with Glasgow. To the north, the A807 heads for Torrance village and on to Milngavie, while opposite it a short minor road connects to the B819. This last route is surprisingly busy, as it provides access to the Strathkelvin Retail Park, as well as Low Moss Prison. All of the A road approaches have been given two turning lanes to aid traffic flows


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Lenzie (B819)

Torrance Roundabout (Strathkelvin)

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