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Champany Junction

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Champany Junction
Location Map ( geo)
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Champany, Linlithgow
West Lothian
Highway Authority
Junction Type
T Junctions
Roads Joined
A803, A904, B903
Junctions related to the A803
Junctions related to the A904

The Junctions at Champany are a pair of T junctions, where the A904 TOTSOs with the eastern end of the A803 a little to the south of the B903 junction. A little further south again, the A803 crosses the M9 at Burghmuir Interchange, although this junction only has east facing slips. Before the construction of the motorway, it was the B903 which continued south into Linlithgow, but with the coming of the M9 and the expansion of Edinburgh Airport further east, there were a lot of changes to the local road network which saw the curtailment of the A9, and the extension of the A803 through Linlithgow to its current terminus.

When approaching from the north, the two junctions are signed together on a large ADS. However, from the south there is no advance warning of the B road junction, with just a flag sign opposite the turning. This is despite there being wide bellmouths and right turn lanes on the mainline for both junctions. The difference is presumably that from the north it would be all to easy to confuse the B903 for the A904 if you were not familiar with the area, whereas from the south the A904 is the first turn reached.

The original junction layout

The original layout of the junction appears to have been quite different. The B903 (now the A803) curved further west past Grougfoot farm, now partially preserved as the farm drive, and then turned to meet the B902 (now the A904) to the east of Champany Inn. The two routes then briefly multiplexed north, before the B903 turned off to the right (originally unclassified as shown left) and the B904 continued ahead across the field. By the end of the 1930s, a new road had been built to the west of the Champany Inn, and the southerly junction moved west, but the northerly junction remained in the same place. Despite the fact that the B904 had by now become the A904, it still had to TOTSO at the southern junction, just as it does today, after the 1980s improvements.


Route To Notes


Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Perth (M9) Forth Valley Tourist Route, Former B903


Bo'ness former B902


South Queensferry Forth Valley Tourist Route, former B902



Champany Junction
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