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Siorrachd Dhùn Bhreatainn
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Primary Destinations
Erskine Bridge
Other Important Destinations
Arrochar • Clydebank • Cumbernauld • Dumbarton • Helensburgh • Kirkintilloch • Tarbet
Current Highway Authorities
Argyll & Bute • East Dunbartonshire • Glasgow • North Lanarkshire • Stirling • West Dunbartonshire
Argyll • Lanarkshire • Perthshire • Renfrewshire • Stirlingshire
Transport Scotland Roads
M80 • A82 • A83 • A898

Dunbartonshire is a traditional county in the central belt of Scotland. Historically, many counties had exclaves elsewhere, but in the Detached Parts Act of 1844 most had been tidied up, though Dunbartonshire was not one of them and it remains in two parts. The main area of the county is in the west around the county town of Dumbarton and stretching up the west shore of Loch Lomond. The Eastern, detached portion contains Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld. These two parts of the county should not be confused with the modern East and West Dunbartonshire Council areas, which have very different borders, meaning that there are a total of 6 local authorities now covering the historic county.

Geography & Economy

The old A82 on the Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond

Today much of the county of Dunbartonshire forms the suburban commuter belt of Northern Glasgow. However, a hundred years ago, even Clydebank was a separate town surrounded by fields and farmland. This rapid urbanisation has led to large housing estates surrounding former village and town centres, none more so than the new town of Cumbernauld. However, all is not lost, with the western end of the county along the shores of Loch Lomond and the Rosneath Peninsula remain largely rural, in part due to the more Highland nature of the terrain, with steep forested slopes and bare moorland above.

The county extends up to include Tarbet midway up Loch Lomond and the neighbouring village of Arrochar on Loch Long. Both provide a series of tourist attractions from loch cruises to adventure activities, whilst the urban fringe of Glasgow has a much more varied economy as befits their position as commuter belt for both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Much of the rural western part of the county falls under the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, with a visitor centre and attractions at Ballch at the foot of the Loch.


The Erskine Bridge from the banks of the Clyde

Many of the non-trunk roads within the western part of the traditional county are maintained by West Dunbartonshire Council. However, the north west area around Helensburgh and Rosneath is covered by Argyll & Bute while the detached part is maintained by East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and Stirling Councils. Small portions are also maintained by Glasgow Council.

The Trunk Roads are maintained by Transport Scotland and include the A82, A83 and A898 in the western portion and the M80 in the detached area. The A898 enters the county across the Erskine Bridge one of the major crossings of the River Clyde.

Route From To Length
M80 Glasgow Bannockburn, Stirlingshire 25 miles View
M82 Ruchazie Drumry View   
A73 Roberton Cumbernauld 38.1 miles View
A81 Glasgow Callander 35 miles View
A82 Glasgow Inverness 167 miles View
A83 Tarbet Campbeltown 98.6 miles View
A739 Craigton, Cardonald Canniesburn Toll, Bearsden 5.0 miles View
A740 Paisley Old Kilpatrick 6.5 miles View
A741 Paisley Yoker 5.4 miles View
A803 Glasgow Champany 33.3 miles View
A806 Kirkintilloch Stepps 3.9 miles View
A806 Canniesburn Toll Scotstoun 3.0 miles View
A807 Milngavie Torrance 5.0 miles View
A808 Bearsden Cross Hillfoot Station 0.5 miles View
A809 Bearsden Drymen 12.0 miles View
A810 Duntocher Bearsden 3.2 miles View
A811 Stirling Balloch 29.7 miles View
A812 Dennystown Renton 1.2 miles View
A813 Dumbarton Balloch 3.3 miles View
A814 Glasgow Arrochar 40.0 miles View
A817 Loch Lomondside Garelochhead 8.9 miles View
A818 Arden Helensburgh 4.8 miles View
A874 Jamestown Balloch 0.2 miles View
A876 Glasgow Bowling 10.9 miles View
A878 Old Kilpatrick Great Western Road 0.3 miles View
A879 Glasgow Allander Toll 4.5 miles View
A898 Erskine Old Kilpatrick Interchange 1.5 miles View
A8006 Glasgow Road Waterside Road 0.6 miles View
A8011 Low Wood Junction Old Inns Junction 3.6 miles View
A8014 Hardgate Clydebank 1.8 miles View  
B757 Auchinloch Milton of Campsie 4.2 miles View
B802 Kilsyth Chapelhall 12.3 miles View
B812 Glasgow Bardowie 4.2 miles View
B814 Kilbowie Roundabout Dalmuir 1.2 miles View
B814 Clydebank Faifley 1.8 miles View
B816 Falkirk Cumbernauld Village 8.0 miles View
B820 Glasgow Road Kilsyth Road 0.5 miles View
B830 Glasgow Road Barloan Toll 0.8 miles View
B831 Arden Crosskeys 1.4 miles View
B832 Duchlage Crosskeys Roundabout, Dumfin 1.7 miles View
B833 Garelochhead Coulport 13.2 miles View
B838 Tighness Arrochar 0.5 miles View
B854 Drumkinnon Haldane's Mill 1.2 miles View
B857 Renton Balloch 2.7 miles View
B872 Faslane Whistlefield 2.3 miles View
B8023 Kilsyth Kirkintilloch 3.6 miles View
B8030 Glasgow Road, Milngavie Strathblane Road, Milngavie 0.71 miles View
B8039 Riggend Central Way, Cumbernauld 2.7 miles View
B8048 Kirkintilloch Cumbernauld 5.6 miles View
B8049 Hillfoot Allander Toll 1.9 miles View
B8050 Faifley (E) Milngavie 2.5 miles View
B8054 Central Way Jane's Brae 1.6 miles View
B8055 Kilbowie Drumry 0.6 miles View     
T12 London Inverness View
T28 Gretna Stirling View
T90 Abington Cumbernauld View
T96 Tarbet Oban 84.6 miles View


Primary Route
Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
Unbuilt Primary
Unbuilt Non Primary
National Cycle Network
Cycle Route
Eurovelo Cycle Route


Main Article: Junctions in Dunbartonshire

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Crossings in Dunbartonshire

A73 • A81 • A82 • A83 • A739 • A740 (Paisley - Old Kilpatrick) • A741 • A803 • A806 • A806 (Canniesburn - Scotstoun) • A807 • A808 • A809 • A810 • A811 • A812 • A813 • A814 • A817 • A818 • A874 • A876 (Glasgow) • A878 • A879 • A898 • A8006 • A8011 • A8014 • Argyll Coastal Route • B757 • B802 • B812 (Glasgow - Bardowie) • B814 • B814 (Clydebank - Faifley) • B816 • B820 • B830 • B831 • B832 • B833 • B838 • B854 (Dunbartonshire) • B857 • B872 • B8023 • B8030 • B8039 • B8048 • B8049 • B8050 • B8054 • B8055 • Clyde Sea Lochs Trail • Hamilton - Cumbernauld Motorway • M80 • M82 • NCN7 • NCN754 • NCN755 • T12 (Britain) • T28 (Britain) • T90 (Britain) • T96 (Britain)
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