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Turnberry Junction

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Turnberry Junction
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
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Roads Joined
A77, A719
Junctions related to the A719

The small village of Turnberry lies the junction of the A77 and the A719. Today it is perhaps most famous as being home to the luxurious Trump Golf resort, with the links which stretch back over a century running along the shore. During both world wars, an airfield was in place on the links, and the remains of the runways are still clearly visible. Curiously, however, the A719 which crosses two of the airfields triangular layout of runways doesn't seem to have been diverted. This may be due to the low volume of traffic using the roads at the time, or it may be because maps very rarely admitted of a military presence until quite recently, so the mapping wasn't publicly updated.


Just to the south of the airfield and golf resort lies the junction. Today, as it has probably always been, it is a simple T junction, where the A719 terminates from the north, giving way to the A77. The A77 approaches from the east, and turns south through the village, and a very slight wiggle has been ironed out to provide a smoother radius bend. This has also allowed a right turn lane to be installed in the centre of the A77, although as this is an effective U turn, it is questionable how much traffic would use this lane if it were not for the presence of the Trump development.


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Ayr, Maybole, Kirkoswald


Ayr Coastal Route, Maidens, Turnberry

Turnberry Junction
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