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Crossroads Roundabout

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Crossroads Roundabout
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Crossroads, East Ayrshire
Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A76, A719
Junctions related to the A719
This article is about Crossroads Roundabout on the A76 in the village of Crossroads, Ayrshire.
For Crossroads Roundabout on the A985 in Rosyth, Fife, see Crossroads Roundabout (Rosyth)

Crossroads Roundabout is the junction of the A76 and the A719 at a hamlet of the same name to the south of Kilmarnock. As the name suggests, the junction originated as a standard crossroads, the alignment of which can still be traced in the access road for the properties on the east side of the junction. The original western arm of the A719 now lies under the field. At some point between 1958 and 1964, the junction was converted into a staggered crossroads, essentially by moving the two arms of the A719 within the existing road boundaries of the junction. The eastern arm was therefore moved north away from the properties, while the western arm moved south. An increase in traffic has since seen the current roundabout installed, with the western arm of the A719 moved more substantially north, while the other three approaches remain roughly in their older locations. The resulting junction is a fairly ordinary four arm roundabout, with two approach lanes for the southern arm of the A76 and western arm of the A719. The A76 to the south also has two departure lanes, providing an overtaking lane up the hill.


Route To Notes


Dumfries, Mauchline


Kilmarnock, Glasgow (A77)





Crossroads Roundabout
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