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Unna Way

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Unna Way
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Crossroads + grade-separated fork
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Unna Way is the point on Huddersfield Ring Road where the A641 forms a junction. The A641 runs towards Bradford.

There is evidence that the junction has been redesigned and expanded from its original design: given the design of the other junctions on the ring road, the original junction was most likely the at-grade crossroads where the ring road meets Lower Fitzwilliam Street and what is now the southbound carriageway of Bradford Road, which would have quickly become a substantial bottleneck as all through traffic on the ring road would have had to turn left or right to stay on it.

Approaching anti-clockwise, Bradford Road takes priority and through traffic has to turn off the ring road on a filter lane to stay on it.

Approaching clockwise, through traffic is directed into an underpass. The inside lane then becomes a left-turn lane for A62 Leeds Road and the outside lane becomes the lane 1 of the ring road; the other two lanes of the ring road are a direct continuation of Bradford Road.

The retail park to the west of the junction, and the supermarket to the south, are much newer than the rest of the construction around the ring road, suggesting that whatever was previously situated on those sites was demolished in order to expand the junction.

Advanced warning of A62/A641 junction (Castlegate/Unna Way) on the Huddersfield Ring Road.

The most compelling evidence is an old sign on St. John's Road (the next junction to the west) just north of where it crosses the ring road, which shows a diagram of the road layout. The line indicating the exit for Bradford Road has clearly been pasted onto the sign at a later date - because of space constraints, "Bradford" is also in much smaller text than the rest of the sign, and the A641 number is conspicuously absent.


Route To Notes


Leeds, (M62 East)


Ring Road, (M1 S'th)


Ring Road, (M62 West)


Bradford, Brighouse

Unna Way
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