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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Kenton Bar (NZ212680)
To:  Newcastle Airport (NZ183713)
Via:  Woolsington
Distance:  2.8 miles (4.5 km)
Meets:  A1, A696, A167, A696
Former Number(s):  A696
Highway Authorities

Newcastle upon Tyne

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6918 Kenton Bar - Newcastle Airport
Metro Line Bridge, Kenton Bank Foot

The B6918 follows the original line of the A696 between the A1 and Newcastle Airport.

The road starts at a large GSJ on the A1 at Kenton Bar, where the A167 runs into the city centre and the A696 runs into the country. At one time there was only one road here: the A696. We head north along Ponteland Road, which is D2 as far as the next roundabout, which provides access to a retail park and industrial estate.

The B6918 continues as an S2 road between housing estates through the suburb of Kington Park and then goes under the Metro line to the airport. Bank Foot station is adjacent and can be accessed on foot from here or by road by taking the next turn left. There are a few houses lining the road at this point but we soon enter open country and continue northwestwards. It's not rural for long, however, as we soon reach the village of Woolsington and run along the main street before returning to open country.

A roundabout is soon reached, from where an unclassified road heads left to Callerton Parkway Metro station and a GSJ on the A696. Our road continues ahead, however, and soon passes the end of the airport runway and then goes over the Metro. There's an unexpected row of houses on the left and airport buildings on the right, after which a roundabout is reached where the road ends, back on the A696. The airport itself is accessible from this roundabout.

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Metro line bridge - Geograph - 998066.jpgPonteland Road (B6918) - Geograph - 3584609.jpg
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