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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Wooler (NT993282)
To:  Scremerston (NU011477)
Distance:  12.7 miles (20.4 km)
Meets:  A697, B6353, A1
Former Number(s):  A6111
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6525 Wooler - Scremerston
The B6525 running through Doddington in north Northumberland.

The B6525 runs through rural Northumberland, just to the north of the National Park. The road was originally numbered B6350 but was quickly upgraded to become the A6111. However, it has now regained its earlier Class II status albeit with a different number.

The road starts on the A697 on the northern side of Wooler and heads northeastwards along Berwick Road, soon leaving town. Initially the road follows the Wooler Water (just visible to the right) but we then cross the River Till (which the Wooler Water flows into) and climb out of the valley, avoiding Doddington Moor to the right. We soon skirt the eastern edge of the village of Doddington.

The road continues to climb as it continues northwards and it soon goes through a small wood on Doddington North Moor, which is otherwise largely fields. After a couple of miles of surprisingly flat land the B6353 comes in from the left to start a multiplex ahead; it appears that that road is dominant but this isn't totally clear. There's a sharp right-hand bend then the B6525 regains its number at a sharp left-hand bend; the B6353 TOTSOs right at this point.

Continuing north, a drive to Barmoor Castle leaves on the left adjacent to Barmoor war memorial, which has the design of a large rock standing on several smaller ones. We then descend gently along a straight road for the next couple of miles then the road starts to wind as we enter Ancroft. After passing through the small village we go over the Allerdeanmill Burn and the Devil's Causeway (a Roman road) before a dead-straight section of nearly a mile takes us to journey's end at a T-junction on the A1.

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The B6525 at Doddington - Geograph - 1308254.jpgThe B6525 near Wrangham (C) Graham Robson - Geograph - 3414588.jpg
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