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Chronology of Military Roads in Scotland

1725-7/33WadeFort WilliamInverness61A82, B862High Bridge added in 1733
1728-30WadeDunkeldInverness102A9Many sections now downgraded to B roads, or lesser A roads
1730WadeCrieffDalnacardoch43A822, A826, B846, B847Some unclassified sections to the north
1731WadeDalwhinnieFort Augustus43A889, Corrieyairack Pass
c1732WadeCatlodgeCrubenmore4unclassifiedLink from Corrieyairack to Ruthven Barracks
1741-2CaulfeildStirlingCrieff20A9, A822
1744-50DumbartonInveraray44A812, B857, A82, A83
1748-53CaulfeildStirlingFort William93A84, A85, A82
1748-57CaulfeildCoupar AngusFort George100A923, A93, B976, A939, B9090, B9006
1752-4CaulfeildDalmallyBonawe13B8077, A85Isolated at first
1755-63CaulfeildFort AugustusBernera43A887, A87
1757-61CaulfeildInverarayTyndrum22A819, A85
1750sCaulfeildStonehavenFochabers84A90, A96
1750sCaulfeildCorgaffKintoreA944, A97, A944, then Maybe B993, B994Not clear on final approach to Kintore, Aberdeen
1761CaulfeildFettercairnHuntly48B974, A980, A97Lots of Unclassifed sections
1761-3CaulfeildContinGarve5A835Supposedly continued to Poolewe, 52 miles in total, but minimal evidence of any work
1760sCaulfeildBridge of Sark, GretnaPort Patrick105B721, B724, A75lots of other routes, see Zone 7 below
1760sCaulfeildCoupar AngusDunkeld15A984Mostly ran to north of present line
pre-1770? CaulfeildGrantown-on-SpeyAviemore16A95
pre-1770? CaulfeildDulnain BridgeSluggan Bridge9A938
pre-1770? CaulfeildArdersierInverness16B9039, A96
pre-1770? CaulfeildDavaForres15A940
1785-6GlencoeFort William22A82Commonly known as the Drovers Road
1790sDulsie BridgeCarrbridge12B9007

Military Roads by Zone

A list of the routes encompassing parts of the Old Military Roads in Scotland built by General Wade in the 1720s and 1730s, and continued by Major Caulfeild in the 1750s.

For the history of these roads and more information see Wade's Military Roads.

Zone 7

The only road in Zone 7 is the Dumfires & Galloway road from Bridge of Sark in Gretna to Port Patrick, with a northerly spur along the [{A77]] to Ballantrae. As such, the below list is in geographic order.

Current Number FromToNotes
B7076GretnaGretnaShort section across M74. Continued in both directions along Unclassified roads
B721GretnaAnnanFormer A75
B724AnnanCollinFormer A75
A75CollinDumfriesShort section
A780DumfriesDumfriesOriginal route seems to have zig-zagged a lot
A711DumfriesDrumsleetThen Unclassified road to Castle Douglas
A745Castle DouglasCastle DouglasShort section
A713Castle DouglasCastle DouglasShort section
B736Castle DouglasBuchanThen unclassified road to Bridge of Dee
A75Bridge of DeeTwynholmThen Unclassified to Gatehouse of Fleet
B727Gatehouse of FleetGatehouse of Fleetand a bit of B796
A75Gatehouse of FleetStranraerSignificantly realigned at Corse of Slakes, and elsewhere
A77BallantraePort PatrickSignificantly realigned south of Stranraer

Zone 8

Current Number FromToNotes
A82DumbartonFort AugustusMost sections of this road have been realigned, some such as Glencoe-Fort William significantly so.
A85LochearnheadCrianlarichMostly realigned, but still in use in a few places
A85TyndrumBonaweContinued to Lochside at Inverawe
A87BunloyneShiel BridgeOriginated in Fort Augustus, and ran to Bernera
A819DalmallyInveraryFully realigned at north end, originally crossed Monument Hill
A822GreenloaningAmulreePart of Stirling - Drumochter Road
A826AmulreeAberfeldyPart of Stirling - Drumochter Road
A827Lix TollKillin
A835ContinGarveOnly piece of planned Inverness - Poolewe road completed
A887AchlineBunloyneOriginated in Fort Augustus
A889LagganDalwhinnieContinued to Fort Augustus via Corrieyairack Pass
B846Tummel BridgeAberfeldyMostly Unclassified from Dalnacardoch on A9 to Tummel Bridge
B847TrinafourDrumcroy HillShort section of Tummel Bridge - Dalnacardoch Road
B862InvernessDoresOriginal route now unclassified, but replaced after a few years
B862FoyersFort Augustus

Zone 9

Current Number FromToNotes
A9DunkeldInvernessAlmost completely realigned
A95AviemoreGrantown on Spey
A96InvernessBallochFort George Road
A938CarrbridgeGrantown On Spey
A939Gairnshiel BridgeDava
A944CorgaffHeugh HeadSome uncertainty over route, but seems to have been south of river
A944WhiteleyAberdeenMost likely route
B976BalmoralGairnshiel Bridge
B9006Fort GeorgeBalblair
B9039BallochFort George
B9090BalblairCawdorUnclassified roads continue fitfully to A939 at Dava

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