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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Cullinaw (NX805602)
To:  Gatehouse of Fleet (NX597561)
Distance:  23.2 miles (37.3 km)
Meets:  A745, B736, A711, A755, A75, B796
Former Number(s):  A75
Highway Authorities

Dumfries and Galloway

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B727 Cullinaw - Kirkcudbright
(A755) Kirkcudbright
B727 Kirkcudbright - Barharrow
(A755) Barharrow - Gatehouse of Fleet bypass
B727 Gatehouse of Fleet bypass - Gatehouse of Fleet
This article is about the current B727 in southern Kirkcudbrightshire.
For the original B727 from Dalbeattie to Castle Douglas in the same county, see B727 (Dalbeattie - Castle Douglas)

The B727 follows a winding route across southern Kirkcudbrightshire. Originally unclassified, the road had come into being by 1932.

The road starts on the A745 to the west of Dalbeattie and heads west along a winding route through the hills, eventually reaching a T-junction. Left is the B736 and the B727 TOTSOs right onto a very short multiplex, which ends when the B736 turns right to head to Castle Douglas.

Turning for Auchencairn

The B727 continues southwestwards through Gelston and then follows an undulating route which becomes more winding as it goes. Some of the tightest bends on the route come almost within sight of Kirkcudbright as we descend into town. We follow St Cuthbert Street with the castle in the distance and reach a crossroads on the A711. Here we turn right and start a multiplex, which continues as we bear left onto the A755 and cross the River Dee.

The B727 regains its number on the A755 to the west of Kirkcudbright and heads southwest along the shore of the River Dee as it flows out into Kirkcudbright Bay. The road winds along the coast, twisting and turning; it is not a road for fast driving. Just after a small car park, the road turns inland, the bends ironed out a little as it climbs steadily up to Borgue, a small village which is nevertheless the largest on the route. Turning sharply north in the village the road winds and undulates for another 2 miles or so before reaching the A755 again; that road has taken a much shorter route to get here from Kirkcudbright.

After nearly a mile multiplex west with the A755, the B727 resumes on the far side of the A75 Gatehouse of Fleet bypass. This is now the old route of the A75 which heads into Gatehouse of Fleet, where it runs the length of the High Street and crosses Fleet Bridge to terminate on the B796, where that road TOTSOs.

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