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Location Map
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From:  Invergarry (NH307011)
To:  Uig (NG384635)
Distance:  99 miles (159.3 km)
Meets:  A82, A887, A890, A851, B8083, A863, B883, A855, B885, A850, B8036, A855, Pier
Former Number(s):  A887, A850, A856
Highway Authorities

Transport Scotland

Traditional Counties

Inverness-shire • Ross-shire

Route outline (key)
A87 Invergarry - Uig
The A87 running alongside Loch Duich


Main Article: A87 route

The A87 is in many ways as much of a 'Road to the Isles' as the A830 to the south. After leaving the A82 behind at Invergarry it takes a dramatic route through wild desolation, finally reaching the coast at Shiel Bridge. However, this is just the head of one of the many deeply-indented Sea Lochs, and it's another 15 miles or more to Kyle. Here the Skye Bridge crosses to the Isle of Skye, and the A87 continues twisting and turning through the stunning scenery all the way to the ferry port of Uig!


One of the many pieces of road that the A87 has consumed over the years, this one on Skye.
Main Article: A87 history

The A87 is a very different road from that given the number in 1922. The section that would be most recognisable to those 'Men from the Ministry' is that leading through Invergarry village. After that almost all of the road is new-build, the rest widened or stolen from other routes!

Telford's Highland Roads

Main Article: Telford's Highland Roads

Before Thomas Telford arrived in the Highlands in the early 1800s, there was no proper road from the Great Glen west. This was often wild and inhospitable land, through which he pushed two routes and a later connecting road.

The A87 across Loch Loyne

Main Article: A87/Loch Loyne

When Loch Loyne was dammed in 1957, a new road was built to take the traffic away from the loch. Here we follow the old route, and on a cold crisp January day use the old road to cross the loch. A return trip in June explores the northern section to the Cluanie Inn.

Notable locations along the route

Skye Bridge

Main Article: Skye Bridge

For centuries, ferries had plied the narrows between Kyle of Lochalsh and Kyleakin on Skye. The existence of the Hotels on either side is evidence enough for this, but on top of that we have the slipways and queuing space. The Bridge changed the whole way of life in For the people of Skye and Lochalsh when it opened in 1995.

Uig - Harris Ferry

Main Article: Uig-Harris Ferry

From Uig, there are two ferry services crossing to the Western Isles Archipelago. This service crosses to Tarbert on Harris, and doesn't as yet provide a Sunday Crossing. It is therefore the last 6-day a week ferry service operated by Calmac.

Uig - North Uist Ferry

Main Article: Uig - North Uist Ferry

Operated in conjunction with the Harris Ferry (above), this service crosses The Minch to Lochmaddy on North Uist. It is the shortest of the three crossings from the 'Mainland' to the Uists and Barra, the other two operating out of Oban.

Opening Dates

(not comprehensive):

c1814InvergarryTomdoun JunctionRoad overseen by Thomas Telford, ran all the way to Kinloch Hourn.
c1816BunLoyneKyleRoad overseen by Thomas Telford, started in Invermoriston.
c1817TomdounCluanieRoad overseen by Thomas Telford, linking two routes above.
1957Tomdoun JunctionBun LoyneRoute redirected with construction of Loch Loyne Dam, flooding older route.
1980sShiel BridgeKyleMany sections realigned, new roads from Keppoch to Dornie and Balmacara to Kyle.
1995KyleUigWith the opening of the Skye Bridge, the A87 was extended across the Isle of Skye to Uig.

SectionsA87/Glen Shiel • A87/Invergarry - Bunloyne • A87/Loch Loyne
JunctionsAuchtertyre Junction • Borve Junction • Broadford Junction • Bunloyne Junction • Invergarry Bridge • Kyleakin Roundabout • Portree • Shiel Bridge (Kintail) • Skulamus Junction • Sligachan Hotel • Uig
CrossingsClachan Duich Bridge • Dornie Bridge • Eas-nan-Arm Bridge • Glenelg - Kylerhea Ferry • Invergarry Bridge • Mam Ratagan Pass • Moriston Bridge • Raasay Ferry • River Loyne Bridge • Shiel Bridge (Kintail) • Skye Bridge • Sligachan Bridge • Uig-Harris Ferry • Uig - North Uist Ferry
RoadsC1232 (Highland) • T99 (Britain)
PlacesKyle of Lochalsh • Portree • Uig
MiscellaneousA87/History • A87/Named Junctions • A87/Route
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