Central Area Distributor Road

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Central Area Distributor Road
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Central Area Distributor Road
From:  Weedon Road (SP740607)
To:  Barnes Meadow Interchange (SP772598)
Distance:  2.5 miles (4 km)
Met:  A508, A428, A4500, A5123,
Traditional Counties


Junction List
Junc Eastbound Westbound
Weedon Road Start of Road A4500
Harlestone Road A428 A428
Gladstone Road unclass unclass
Millers Meadow A50 A50
Northgate A508 A508
Central Area Link no exit unclass
Mount Pleasant A5123 A5123
Cliftonville unclass unclass
Barnes Meadow A428 Start of Road

The Central Area Distributor Road was a planned dual carriageway forming a loop around the north of Northampton town centre. It was in planning during the early 1970s and detailed plans were drawn up but was never built.


The road starts at the A4500/A428 junction on Weedon Road and follows Spencer Bridge Road which would have been widened to a dual carriageway. This section would have been built at-grade with signal controlled junctions. We then hit a large roundabout which was to be called Millers Meadow Interchange. This would have served a North/South bypass of the town centre. That road would have had an underpass and most likely had taken the A50 number as it would have fed into Welford Road which was then the A50, now A5199.

We continue east from Millers Meadow and from now on the route is fully grade separated as far as Barnes Meadow Interchange. The first junction is a roundabout interchange serving the A508. The next junction is a link to the central area. As we are travelling east we cannot leave here as there are only three slip roads. The next junction is Mount Pleasant which is a roundabout interchange. The road then curves sharply to our next junction which is a diamond interchange at Billing Road. Finally we pass through our final interchange which serves the A428 at Bedford Road. This is confusingly called Barnes Meadow Interchange which is also the name of the junction we will encounter next. There are a few differing designs for this junction so we either pass over or under Bedford Road depending on what design would have been chosen. The road then comes to a halt at the real Barnes Meadow Interchange where our journey terminates.

Central Area Distributor Road
JunctionsBarnes Meadow Interchange • Cliftonville Interchange • Millers Meadow Interchange • Mount Pleasant Interchange • Northgate Interchange
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