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Country code CY
Drives on:  left
Route prefixes:  A, B, E, F
Signage colour
Motorway:  Green
Main road:  Blue
Other:  White
Long distances:  kilometres
Short distances:  metres
Heights:  metresFuel:  litres
General data
Population:  1.2 million
Area:  9251
Currency:  Euro
Time zone:  GMT+2
Internet TLD code:  .cy
International dialling code:  +357
Capital City:  Nicosia

Cyprus is a geographically Asian, culturally European, island in the eastern Mediterranean.

Northern Cyprus, follows the number scheme of mainland Turkey, with only the larger roads being numbered, however there is a hierarchy scheme for the non-major roads. This page covers the road naming and numbering for the Republic of Cyprus, including the territories of the United Kingdom.


Highway Numbering

The road network was renumbered in 1974 after the island's war ended. This gave cyprus the perfect opportunity to have a logical numbering scheme and planning the development of their new motorway network. They gave the Letter "A" for Motorways, "B" for Primary Roads, "E" for larger than normal roads and "F" for other roads. Residential roads are not given a number unless part of the larger road network.

Motorways (A Roads)

There are currently 6 motorways, of which 1 is only partly complete but construction terminated in 2006. The 7th being under construction since 2020 and another 3 being planned. All Motorways have GSJ, except at their terminus where some terminate into roundabouts or crossroads. All motorways are subjected to a speed limit of 100KM/H by default and a minimum speed limit of 65KM/H. All Motorways are built with two lanes and a hard shoulder. The Motorway typically gets its number from the B road it is replacing and will follow a similar route to the B road.

Road Number From To Year Completed / Status Length Junctions Notes
A1 Nicosia Limassol 1984 83 KM 31 Section is also used as an emergency runway. Section in Nicosia was widened from 2 lanes to 3 between 2005 and 2012
A2 Nicosia Larnaca 1991 19 KM 6
A3 Larnaca Airport Ayia Napa 2003 54 KM 20 Goes through some of the UN Buffer Zone and 16KM of UK territory
A5 Larnaca Limassol 1996 18 KM 6 Section is also used as an emergency runway.
A6 Limassol Paphos 2006 59 KM 22 (+ A7 Interchange) Goes through 7KM of UK territory. Has a 0.9KM Tunnel with a speed limit of 80 KPH and also has a 550m Bridge with a height of 110m.
A7 Paphos Polis Planning 31 KM 8 Planned Motorway costing 447m Euros. Includes 3 tunnels and 7 bridges
A8 Limassol Saittas Conception ~24 KM UNKN Only in preliminary Designs at the moment
A9 Nicosia Troödos Phase 1 complete (2006), construction not started on other phases 10KM / 65 KM 5 / UNKN Split into three sections, Section 1 was completed in 2006, no progress on other sections (2020)
A22 West Nicosia (A9) South Nicosia (A1) Construction (phase 1 of 5) 22KM 12 "Nicosia South Orbital Motorway". Phase 1 started construction in Summer 2020 and due to be complete in 2023 (P1). Total cost is 350 million Euros (including unknown planned motorway below.
A?? Nicosia (A22) Palehori Design 6KM 4 Part of the Nicosia South Orbital Motorway construction plan. Would replace the E903, so planned number is unknown however may become the A8

Main Roads (B Roads)

Road Number From To Length Notes
B1 Limassol Nicosia 85 KM Parts are dual carriageway in urban areas
B2 Delhi Larnaca 28 KM Section within the A3 is Dual Carriageway
B3 Larnaca Ayia Napa 29 KM 45 KM before A3 built
B4 Larnaca Kithi 7 KM Part was known as the A4, but all is now the B4
B5 Larnaca Kofinou 24 KM
B6 Limassol Paphos 63 KM
B7 Paphos Polis Chrysochous 35 KM
B8 Limassol Troodos 44 KM
B9 Troodos Nicosia 72 KM (inc A9 section) A9 replaces part of route
B10 Kokkinotrimithia Nicosia 5 KM Leads into the Buffer Zone
B13 2 KM? Nicosia Center Ring Road
B16 Nicosia Eastern Radical 2 KM (5 KM inc Buffer area)
B17 Nicosia South Eastern Radical 4 KM
B18 Nicosia Western Radical 3 KM
B20 3KM Short road in Paphos connecting the B6 and B7 to the coast.
B22 South East Nicosia South West Nicosia 7 KM Southern bypass / ring

Toll Roads

There are no Toll Roads on the island.

Local Roads

Some towns and cities have dual carriageways which are not A or B roads, these are typically E roads. Large roads that connect two large towns also tend to have E roads. Roads that connect villages are F roads.

Speed Limits

All limits posted in KM/H

  • Motorways: Max 100, Min 65
  • Rural Roads: Max 80
  • "Country Roads": Max 65
  • Developed Areas: Max 50

Vehicles & Vehicle Registrations

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