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Country code GBZ
Drives on:  right
Traffic light sequence:  green · amber · red ·
General data
Population:  32,194 (2015)
Area:  6.7 km²
Currency:  Gibraltar pound GIP (£)
Time zone:  GMT+1 (summer: GMT+2)
Internet TLD code:  .gi
International dialling code:  +350

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, bordering Spain. It has an area of 6.7 km² (2.6 sq mi) and a population of just over 32,000. Local time is the same as that in Spain, putting Gibraltar one hour ahead of the UK, despite the territory's being further west than the whole of Wales and all but the Penzance area of England. The Gibraltar pound is pegged to – and exchangeable with – the British pound sterling at par value.


Situated on the Mediterranean Sea near its opening to the Atlantic Ocean, the territory occupies a promontory extending a little over five kilometres southward from the coast of Spain and dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426-metre-high mountain at its southern end. The Rock provides views across to Africa, enabling a great deal of naval control of the Strait of the same name, despite not being at its narrowest point. The northern part of the territory is an isthmus which is a mere three metres above sea level.

The east side of the Rock is a cliff face descending sheer almost to sea level, before becoming merely a steep hill, allowing a sliver of coastal development. The west side is more gradual, and it is that side that is occupied by the town. Land has been reclaimed from the sea, especially in the north-west of the territory.

Road network

Gibraltar drives on the right, and uses the metric system. There is no road numbering system for the 50 km (31mi) of roads. The maximum speed limit is 50 km/h. Signs are of a similar style to UK ones.

The main road to the border, the dual carriageway Winston Churchill Avenue, is notable for crossing the runway of the airport, although a replacement around the eastern end of the runway (with a short tunnel under the flightpath is under construction. Queensway is the main road in the west avoiding the town centre and serving the port. Devil's Tower Road is a dual carriageway (upgraded in 2011 awaiting the new border road) running E-W south of the airport. Europa Road links the town centre with Europa Point.

There are several vehicle tunnels notably Dudley Ward Way (the longest tunnel) and the Keightley Way Tunnel.


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