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South Sudan

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South Sudan
Location Map ( geo)
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Country code SS
Drives on:  right
General data
Population:  11.38 million (2021)
Area:  644,329 km²
Currency:  South Sudanese Pound
Time zone:  (GMT+2) Central African Time
Internet TLD code:  .ss
International dialling code:  +211
Capital City:  Juba


South Sudan's road network is in poor condition, however in recent years many road construction projects have been launched with some roads being constructed to a D2M or D3M standard. Most roads are still unpaved but more roads have been widened to the width of a D3M standard road, but are still unpaved but are constantly repaired, presumably to be built in the future. Signage is virtually non-existent however some newer roads have green signs with white letters.

Interstate 1

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  • Route: TJ Wau - Tambura - Yambio - Maridi - Mundri - Juba - Torit - Kapoeta - Narus - A1 (Kenya)

  • This is the longest Interstate road in South Sudan.
  • Sections in Juba have been built to a D3M standard, however it is not classed as a motorway.
  • Most of the route is unpaved, however the section from Yambio to Juba, and Juba to the border with Kenya has started being upgraded to a paved road, the dirt road is currently widened and frequently maintained, probably so it can be built at a later date, the road will most likely be built to a D2M standard.

Interstate 2

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  • Route: TJ'Aweil - Uganda Border'

  • The road is completely unpaved except in the downtown of Wau and can be impassable in the wet season.
  • The section from Mundri West to Mambe is shared with Interstate 1, this is the only section that is planned to be upgraded, most likely to a D2M standard like most road construction projects in South Sudan.

Interstate 3

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  • Route: Sudan Border - Juba - Nimule (Uganda)

  • The road is mostly unpaved, however the section from Bor - Juba has been upgraded to a D2M standard and opened by the president Salva Kir Maryardit on 21st January 2023, construction of the section from Malakal - Bor started on the same day, however the standard this will be is not known.
  • The section from Juba to Nimule on the Uganadan Border is paved with an S2 standard and opened in 2012.

Interstate 4

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  • Route: Ethiopia Border - Narus

  • This road does not exist and is more of a line on a map, however there is some sand tracks in the area, but these are not continuous.

Interstate 5

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  • Route: Mogiri - Uganda Border

  • This route is entirely unpaved and does not serve much purpose, as on ths Ugandan side there is no large towns or villages, there is no paved road on the Ugandan side either, however there is many small towns on the South Sudan side.

Interstate 6

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  • Route: Leather - Bentiu

  • This is one of the worst Interstate roads in South Sudan and is frequently flooded and almost always impassable for half of the year, in some years the road has been completely destroyed and has to be rebuilt.

Interstate 7

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  • Route: Leather - Maper//Wau - Sudan Border

  • This Interstate road is in 2 sections which go in completely different directions.
  • The entire road is unpaved on both sections, except in Downtown Wau.

Interstate 8

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  • Route: Nyala (Sudan) - Radom (Sudan) - Wau

  • This road is partially in Sudan.
  • A small section South of Nyala has been upgraded to S2 standard, the rest is unpaved except for a small section in Wau.

Interstate 9

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  • Route: Rumbek - Ethiopia Border

  • No part of this road is paved.
  • The section from Rumbek - Wau will be upgraded to S1 Standard as part of the larger Juba - Bahr El Ghazel Highway.
  • The section from Shambe - Bor and Pibor - Pochalla does not exist, there is a small section in and near Pochalla, however there is no road on the Ethiopian side.

Interstate 10

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  • Route: Bentiu - Ethiopia Border

  • No part of this road is paved, but the road is still important for international traffic as this is the only international connection to Juba from Addis Ababa, th capital of Ethiopia.
  • The section from Bentiu to Malakal does not exist.
  • The road crosses the White Nile at Malakal but there is no bridge or car ferry, only small canoes.

Interstate 11

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  • Route: Juba - DRC

  • No part of this road is paved.
  • The road from Juba - Yei will be upgraded to D2M Standard, the road here has already been widened.
  • The road is important for international traffic as it connects the Congolese RN26, from here traffic can navigate all the way to Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC.


There is many roads built to the D2M standard, however there is no interchange along these roads and therefore cannot be considered a motorway.

Highway Network

Most main roads are impassable in the rainy season due to the road becoming mud after rain, only 2% of roads in South Sudan are paved.

Toll roads

There are no toll roads in South Sudan.

Highway numbering

Interstate roads are roads that are important for regional traffic. There is a small network of P roads however they are all unpaved and not important for traffic.

Local roads

Local roads are usually impassable.

Speed limits

Speed limits are not known.

Vehicle registration

South Sudan
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