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Eskbank Toll

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Eskbank Toll
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A6094, A768, B703, B6392
Junctions related to the A768
Junctions related to the A6094
Junctions related to the B6392

Eskbank Toll is a small 6-arm roundabout at the centre of Eskbank, a short distance south west of Dalkeith. It has long been a busy junction, and the first edition OS maps show all six arms, with only a few houses marked nearby. When the roads were first classified in 1922, the A7 was routed through the junction, confirming how important the route was, following what is now the line of the B6392. At the time, only five of the arms were classified, with Newbattle Road becoming an extension of the B703 by 1928. The A6094 is the only route to remain unchanged since 1922, the A7 has, as noted above, been renumbered as the B6392 and what is now the A768 is the original section of the B703, although this renumbering happened after the B road was extended.

The junction is in a cramped location, hemmed in by property on all sides. As such, while space for a small round island has been found in the centre of the junction, each of the arms is just a standard two way road, the one slight exception being that a left turn lane set back from the roundabout connects the southern arms of the B6392 and A6094. The roundabout island in the junction is first definitively shown on the OS 1:1250 sheet from 1949, but there are no maps from the immediate pre-war period at a suitable scale to show it, so it could be one of the older roundabouts in Scotland.


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Edinburgh (A7)


Rosewell, Galashiels (A7), Peebles (A703),



Eskbank Toll
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