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Glen Maye Bridge

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Glen Maye Bridge
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From:  Peel
To:  Dalby
Glen Maye
Isle of Man
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Isle of Man
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The new bridge

Glen Maye Bridge carries the A27 across the Glen Maye River in the middle of the village. It is a single stone arch structure which carries a wide S2 carriageway and a pavement on the upstream side. The roadway gives the impression of being wider on the north bank than the south, suggesting that the two faces of the bridge are not parallel. As with many of the bridges on the island, the structure is very plain, built from local rubble. The presence of a substantial square pier at the south west corner of the bridge seems to be related to the gateway (with another pier on the other side of the gate), and unrelated to the bridge.

Dues to the steep gradient of the hill on the north bank, the road appears to continue to fall across the bridge and onto the south bank, before climbing around the hairpin beyond.

Glen Maye Bridge
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