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A27 (Isle of Man)

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From:  Peel (SC242842)
To:  Colby (SC230701)
Via:  Glenmaye and Ronague
Distance:  11.6 miles (18.7 km)
Meets:  A1, A30, A36, A7
Former Number(s):  B21
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
A27 Colby - Peel

The A27 forms the main route heading south from Peel.

Glenfaba Road in Peel

The route starts in the market square in the centre of Peel outside the ruins of St Peters Church, and winds southwards through the paved square and onto Patrick Street. A long line of brightly painted old terrace houses sit along the right hand side of the road as it slowly works its way out of town on Glenfaba Road, passing a new housing estate on the edge of town. Having climbed through the town, the route then dips down to cross the River Neb on Glenfaba Bridge, with tight but wide bends on either side of the bridge. After following the river upstream a short distance, the route turns south again, and climbs a little into Patrick, where the A30 comes in from the left. Just before the junction, an old school houses a museum about the First World War Knockaloe Interment Camp, whose site lies a little to the west of the village.

A long, slightly sinuous straight climbs gently through fields and a scattering of roadside houses to reach the larger village of Glen Maye. The route enters at the top of the hill, and turns sharp left around a bend from where it drops sharply down to cross the Glen Maye River on Glen Maye Bridge. It climbs just as steeply around another tight, but wide hairpin bend to a summit of about 100m. As it winds across the hillside through Ballachrink, the sea appears below, and soon there are expansive views along the coast ahead. The route then dips gently down through the village of Dalby, where a right turn leads down to the coast at Niarbyl, a famous filming location. Beyond the junction, the route starts to climb again, and soon becomes much more interesting.

Climbing up from Dalby towards Round Table

Climbing steeply up through fields, the road curves around the hillside, before a sharp bend doubles back around the head of a valley. Still climbing, the route crosses the 200m contour, and enters onto moorland, passing a parking area and blocks of forestry. It dips briefly into the upper reaches of Glen Rushen before climbing again, curving around the southern edge of Glen Rushen Plantation to reach the A36 at the Round Table Crossroads. The A36 has priority, but traffic volumes are low, and it is easy to cross. There are a couple of parking areas near the junction from where the views can be fully appreciated.

The route climbs a little further to around the 310m before dipping down, following the western edge of the Cringle Plantation. The gradient increases beyond the forestry as the route enters fields. This stretch is known as 'Magnetic Hill', one of those roads where the perspective is twisted and it is difficult to tell which way is uphill. The B39 then slowly converges from the left, running almost parallel just across a field for over half a mile. The two routes meet at Ronague, and a hundred yards further on the B42 turns left, dropping down to Ballabeg. The A27 curves round to head south west, passing the B43 junction, and then turning sharp left to pass through another small village called Ballachrink.

This is the final stretch of the route, which winds through the village on Glen Road. This drops into Colby Glen, running along the riverbank into Colby Village, passing a mixture of old and new houses. The route finally comes to an end at a T junction on the A7, next to it's bridge over the river.


As originally numbered in the 1920's, the route was given the B21 number. It had been renumbered as the A27 by 1963.

A27 (Isle of Man)
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