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From:  Tullibody (NS848951)
To:  Tillicoultry (NS915965)
Meets:  NCN76, NCN767
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Route outline (key)
768 Tullibody - Tillicoultry

NCN Route 768 is a short cycle route which connects Tuillibody and Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire. It follows an old railway line at first, before using a mixture of quiet lanes and roadside paths.


The route starts on NCN76 next to Dumyat Park Roundabouts on the A907 at Tullibody, and follows the old railway line north across the River Devon to Menstrie. It then turns left onto Menstrie Road, crossing the A91, and finding Long Row at the bottom of the steep hill. These are the Ochills, a steep linear ridge lining the boundary between Clackmannanshire and Perthshire to the north. Long Row heads east, meandering gently to reach Alva; part of the route being closed to most traffic. Beauclerc Street and Ochill Road lead us over the Alva Burn and down onto the A91 again.

The last stretch of the route runs alongside the main road, sometimes along the pavement, but mostly on a new path constructed inside the field hedge. At the edge of Tillicoultry, the cycle route briefly uses the A91 pavement again, before turning right down Park Avenue, passing round the edge of the sportsfield, and then winding through side roads including Hareburn Road and Chapelle Crescent to meet NCN767, the Devon Way near Sterling Mills.


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