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Brownhills Bridge

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Brownhills Bridge
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The Brownhills Miner - Geograph - 188792.jpg
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A452, A4124, B4155
Junctions related to the A452
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Brownhills Bridge is a roundabout junction in Brownhills, Staffordshire. It is the current terminus of two classified roads, A4124 and B4155; whilst the A452 passes through the junction and an unclassified road also joins the roundabout. The junction is made more complex in that passing underneath the roundabout from southwest to northeast is the currently disused Walsall - Brownhills - Lichfield railway line, with the site of Brownhills railway station being just to the northeast of the junction. Either side of the northern access to A452 are locally important buildings: on the one side the former offices of Brownhills Urban District Council, whilst on the other side Brownhills Youth Centre is converted from a school dating from 1893.

The centre of the roundabout is well-known locally for an extremely large sculpture, the "Brownhills Miner", who is more commonly known in the local area as "Maurice". If you don't understand why, you need to think about it for a while...


Brownhills in 1920

Brownhills Bridge was originally a staggered junction, with A452 passing through the junction, and B4155 using the bridge to swap sides of the railway line.

This layout remainded constant even with the upgrading of B4155 west of the junction to A4124, until rising traffic levels forced a rethink in the late 1980s. By this time, the railway line had become disused, but as reopening has been mooted for as long as the closure, the trackbed needed to be made available for future re-use. The junction layout chosen was that of a lengthened roundabout, with the then-current bridge being reused as the northernmost part of the roundabout, and a new bridge built over the line for the southern part of the roundabout.


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Leamington, Birmingham (A38)


Wolverhampton, Pelsall



Brownhills Bridge
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