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C13 (East Renfrewshire)

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From:  Faulds (NS509548)
To:  Barrhead (NS498587)
Distance:  3.7 miles (6 km)
Meets:  B769, (A736)
Highway Authorities

East Renfrewshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C13 Faulds - Barrhead
This article is about the Class III road numbered C13 maintained by East Renfrewshire Council.
For other roads numbered C13, see C13

The C13 starts on the B769 near Faulds and heads west along Craigton Road, before turning to the north as the road becomes Springhill Road. This meanders down hill into Barrhead, and comes to an end either on Craighead Street, or at the cul-de-sac against the A736. It appears that the route previously connected to the A road, but was closed up when the town centre was redeveloped, and the replacement connection via Ralston Road does not appear to be a C road.

C13 (East Renfrewshire)
Class III Roads maintained by East Renfrewshire Council
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